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Welcome to BELONG, North Coast Calvary Chapel’s small groups. BELONG is a vital expression of our church’s mission and values. Yes. North Coast Calvary feels big, but being in a small group gives you a whole new perspective. It’s about Suddenly the big church feels smaller and more comfortable. Why, because you have found a place to belong, to grow and to give your life away. You have found a small group that you fits you.

We have Home Groups, which mainly consist of mixed ages and life-stages. We do offer some young couples and family groups as well. We also have Ministry Groups, which are age, gender, and life-stage specific small groups under each ministry’s umbrella, such as Men’s, 30:40, Women’s, Young Adults, and Senior Adults and more. Finally, we have Common Interest Groups, which are bring people together around a common affinity, be it a sport, activity, or important need.

To get more information and contacts, click on this Adult Small Groups link to open up a PDF to learn about all of our types of small groups:


Click on the “JOIN A GROUP” tab (above) and begin the journey.


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Table of Contents

What are our small group values?
What is a small group like?
Why should I be in a small group?
What type of groups do you offer?
What happens in these small groups?
Who leads the small groups?
What are the groups studying?
What if I want to try a different group?
How do I find a group?
I’m interested in launching a new group?


What are our small group values?

Creating an environment characterized by authenticity and transparency so that you enter into relationships where you can be known, loved, accepted, and challenged. (Hebrews 10:24-25)
Growing in mutual accountability, in mutual submission, and in the application of Scriptural truth, to become more like Jesus. (I John 2:6)
Encouraging growth in love for others so that all will embrace and serve people in and beyond their group. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)
Building a community with an eternal perspective so that each small group member actively invests in kingdom work. (Matthew 9:37-38)


What is a small group like at NCCC?

It is simply a friendly gathering of people, typically 6 –15 in number, usually on a weekly basis, for you to: develop lasting friendships, enjoy a deeper, more personal connection with Jesus, experience a safe place to share from your heart; express loving care for others; accept the support and encouragement you need as you seek the Lord’s guidance. Simply put, it’s a place to CONNECT, BELONG, GROW and SERVE.


Why should I be in a small group?

When God gave Jesus the mission of reaching the world with the good news of His love and grace, Jesus employed a world-changing strategy: he poured his life into a small group (his disciples).

Life change happens in small groups. Small groups can offer you the chance to:
  Grow deeper in your relationship with God
  Connect with others in the church and community
  Expand your vision of what God can through and in your life

The early church also provided a model of world-changing community - meeting and sharing together daily in the course of their everyday lives. (Acts 2:42, 44, 46-47)


What type of groups do you offer?

We strive to offer HOME GROUPS to adults in any life-stage, including ones in which parents can bring their children. If you are looking for a specific age or gender small group, we also have a variety of small groups under the care of a number of our church ministries. For example we have MINISTRY GROUPS in our Men and Women’s ministries, Young Women and Young Adult Ministries, Thirties & Forties,  LifePlus (50 - 65 yr olds) and Prime Time (65+),  Marriage and Family and Mars Hill ministries, and many more that could meet your particular need. Finally, we offer COMMON INTEREST GROUPS to create community through commonality.


What happens in these small groups?

Each small group sets is own schedule and game plan with the support and accountability of its ministry’s pastor or director. Group time will normally be for an hour and a half. During that time, you will typically experience support and prayer, Bible study, perhaps worship, and certainly a time for socializing and fellowship. The main goal for any group is to have its members develop a strong sense of community, to grow toward wholeness in Christ and to work on transforming their worlds.


Who leads these small groups?

Every group has one or more trained Facilitators, who, as servant-leaders, guide the groups in a discussion-oriented format. In addition, our Home Groups have Hosts, who create an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance for maximum participation.


What are the small groups studying?

Studies vary within each group as well as within each ministry. It’s important that a particular study meets the collective needs of each group. Therefore, some groups are studying a Book of the Bible, some dig a little deeper into the weekend message (sermon-based), and some are involved in topical book studies or video teaching series.


What if I want to try a different small group?

No problem. Not every group is the perfect fit the first time you go. The key is to find a group where you connect and have a relational fit, so don’t hesitate to keep trying until you find a group that works for you. No one will be offended if you check out a group and end up settling for another one. Our concern is helping you find the group that fits you best.


How do I find a group?

You have several options to choose from:

a. Click here for our GROUP FINDER
b.  Call or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (Small Groups Administrator) (x138).
c.  Stop by the Small Groups table at Information Central after a service to fill out a GroupLIFE card and/or pick up a brochure. (If you fill our a card, we’ll get in touch with you.)


If I/we are interested in launching a group, where do we begin

We are excited to help you with the process of hopefully launching a group. To begin, please CLICK HERE, to fill out a form from which Pastor Jim will be getting in touch with you.








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GroupLIFE Training


Here’s how it works: Pastor Jim Doyle provides small group training for any adult (18 years of age and older) who would like to or is planning on facilitating or hosting a small group in any of our young adult to senior adult ministries. Then, he will have you connect with your pastor, director, or small groups coordinator for further orientation to the particular ministry you’re a part of. For example, If you are involved in the Young Adults or Men’s small groups, you are required to attend one of Pastor Jim’s training and then hook up with your pastor or coordinator for any further support or direction.

The next in-house Small Groups training at NCCC will be in January 2014. However, if you need to receive this training, another option is our online training:




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Group Life Leaders (Facilitators/Hosts)

Thank you for taking a moment to update us on the status of your group. Please note that all group leaders will need to submit this update three times a year. To do so, simply Click Here and it will be sent, via email, to Donna Steffen. However, if you have any further questions, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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Group Life Resources

Need ideas for your next small group study? Just click on this Small Group picture to download a Suggest Curriculum Guide.



Need ideas for group service projects? Just click on the Serving the Homeless picture to download a PDF on Groups Without Walls Guide.




Also, Pastor JIm has authored small group Discussion/Study Guides that come out of a passion to encourage and motivate you to discover the richness of God’s Word primarily through thoughtful questions. Having the right questions will result in dialog that causes you to really think and wrestle with God’s Word, emotionally connect with the Holy Spirit as He’s teaching you and then, of course, to be motivated to passionately carry out Christ’s mission. These studies are available through the Small Groups table or by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)for purchase of this study at the cost of printing the material.

You can click on any of the links below to purchase these study guides through

Livin’ The Truth: A Study of the Gospel of John

Livin’ Free: A Study of the Book of Romans

Stayin’ On Course: A Study of the Books of 1 & 2 Peter

Faith Lived Out: A Study of the Book of James

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Grouplife Serve

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Join a Group

How Do I find out what groups are available for me?

Click here for our GROUP FINDER

If you need our assistance in finding a group to plug into, we’d love to help you. Please CLICK HERE.




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