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Engaged?  Dating and considering engagement?  The premarital class is for you!
Our Vision:  To prepare couples for a life-long Christ-centered marriage.
Our Purpose: To provide couples the opportunity to consider their strengths and to identify areas of spiritual and relational growth.

Dates of Pre-Marital Workshops in 2014
    July 8 - September 16, Interview date with Dan & Josie, Sunday, July 13

Tuesday nights - 7 pm - 9 pm, B203
Costs:  $150 per couple (Fee includes Prepare/Enrich and Taylor Johnson Evaluations).  The fee is not due until after you have attended the Introduction class and have met with our facilitators, Dan and Josie Deaver.

On the Sunday, following the Introduction, you will meet with Dan & Josie who will explain the evaluations you will be taking and the mentor couple you will be meeting with at a day/time to be determined by you and your mentor couple.

Register here for Premarital workshops
For questions contact:  Barbara .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 760-929-0029 ext. 137

Our purpose

Our purpose is to encourage, serve, and equip marriages and families for growing, loving, Christ-centered relationships.

The Marriage & Family Ministry welcomes you as you pursue God’s best for your marriage and families here at North Coast Calvary Chapel. It is important for you to know that our NCCC family includes single adults, single parents, and blended families. The premarital track has been created to help you find the encouragement and instruction that you need. We want to encourage you to join us as we learn and grow together in Christ. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

Premarital Course Overview
If you are engaged, considering engagement or just dating, the NCCC Premarital Course is for you! To sign up, please email Barbara Hall e-mail Barbara and request a Pre-Marital packet.  The $150 course fee includes two compatibility inventories and class materials. Space is limited, so we recommend registering soon! For more information contact Barbara at (760) 929-0029 x137 or e-mail Barbara

Premarital Class Descriptions
In addition to attending the following premarital classes, participating couples will meet regularly with a uniquely matched mentor couple.  The mentor couples will guide and support the couples through the entire premarital course.

Introduction (PREPARE/ENRICH®)
This class introduces the participants to the Premarital Course.  Following the brief introduction by the Marriage and Family Pastor, Jeff Reinke, participants will take the PREPARE/ENRICH® inventory.

Session 1 - The Reality of Marriage
This class is generally presented early in the premarital course and introduces participants to the reality of marriage.  Topics include of brief look at marriage myths, reasons for marriage, anyway love, and love’s languages… Syllabus

Session 2 - Sex & Marriage
This class presents how sex is beautiful and holy in God’s design.  Discussions and presentations examine how a healthy expression of sexuality can strengthen marriages and the importance of creating an environment for nurture and romance… Syllabus

Session 3 - Leaving & Cleaving (T-JTA®)
This class brings to light the reality of leaving a single life and entering into a healthy marriage relationships.  Focus is placed on the placement of God at the center of the marriage relationship… Syllabus

Session 4 - Communication & Conflict Resolution
This class introduces couples to practical communication skills to produce, protect, and sustain a vital relationship. Specifically, this class teaches couples how to develop confidence in effective marital communication, reduce disagreements and tension, and experience greater caring and esteem for each other.

Session 5 - Finances
This class introduces couples to the fundamental issues and best practices regarding the management of finances in a marriage relationship.

Session 6 - Marital Roles & Expectations
This class introduces couples to the development of marital expectations and roles in marriage.  This interactive class includes break-out sessions for the purpose of developing healthy models of the “perfect” husband and wife… Syllabus

Premarital Expedition

This one-day event culminates the Premarital Program and includes a variety of fun activities designed to celebrate the completion of the program.  Couples are also introduced to ministries within the church to support their continued spiritual growth and relational well-being.


Dan and Josie Deaver have served in the Marriage and Family Ministry at North Coast Calvary Chapel for the past 16 years.  During this time, they have been involved as teachers and mentors for couples who are participating in the Premarital Program.  For the past three years, Dan and Josie have had the privilege of acting as the Directors of the Premarital Program. 

Gus and Kelly Morrison have been involved with the Premarital Program at North Coast Calvary Chapel for the past 16 years.  Their heart-felt involvement in the program includes both teaching and mentoring couples.  Their passion is for couples to have fulfilling marriages and to “divorce proof” the church. 

Downloads & Links

What is the PREPARE/ENRICH ®  inventory?
What is the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis®(T-JTA®)?


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