The Building Project

We have broken ground!

We praise God for His faithfulness and provision and we thank you for your giving! Because you gave so generously, we will be able to build the Chapel without having to take out the bridge loan we expected we would need. Thank you, NCCC!


NEW! View our Construction Web Cam to watch the progress on the Chapel project!

This camera posts a new image every 2 minutes Monday-Friday between the hours of 8am-6pm. Once you are viewing the web cam, simply click the refresh button on your browser to update the image.

We’ll be taking our next Quarterly Building Offering on Dec. 13 & 14. We want to thank all of you for your giving towards this exciting project and ask you to keep supporting it with your generosity and prayers. Please pray about what you can contribute in the upcoming offering. All of the funds received in these quarterly Building Offerings will go towards the Chapel project, future buildings and debt coverage. We will all use and enjoy this new Chapel so let’s all work together to make them happen! Click here to give online to the Building Fund.

Check out the progress! from North Coast Calvary on Vimeo.


Get Excited About the Chapel! from North Coast Calvary on Vimeo.


New building video fixed shot from Jeffrey Griffith on Vimeo.


Building Video update from Jeffrey Griffith on Vimeo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Chapel provide for us?

The Chapel building will be a beautiful extension to our “locker room” where we can train and equip more people to share the love of Christ and transform our world. It will provide something for everyone!
• Over 300 seats for adults in weekend services (live intimate worship with a video feed of the message) and for midweek Men’s & Women’s meetings
• Beautiful space for weddings, memorial services and prayer meetings
• A new High School room which will allow our High School Ministry to expand and also give Children’s Ministry needed room to grow in their current building
• Additional larger meeting rooms for ministry gatherings 30:40, Young Adults and Adult Sunday School
• Offices to expand our marriage & family counseling services
• A bookstore and coffee shop
• An ocean view patio great for fellowship

Will there be live worship in the Chapel on the weekends?

Yes, there will be live worship in an intimate, acoustic style in the Chapel followed by a live video feed of the message.

Will the Tent still be available after the Chapel is built?

Yes, we will still be keeping the Tent for those who prefer the outdoor seating.

Do we have the funds to pay for this? How much will it cost?

The bottom line: we need to raise $1.6 million to close the gap in the expenses for the Chapel project. We aim to raise these funds between now and Spring 2015. Here are all the details:

• The original plan (“3-1-3”) was to raise $3 million for the Chapel, $1 million for debt reduction, and $3 million for the Parking Deck.
    • We raised $3.1 million during the Further Up & Further In campaign.
    • We paid down $1 million of debt as planned leaving $2.1 million available.
    • We’ve determined the need for the Chapel is much greater than the Parking Deck right now so we are just focusing on the Chapel.

• Total estimated cost to build the Chapel is $6.2 million.
    • We had previously set aside $2.5 million in savings for the building project.
    • The additional $2.1 million we raised brings our total to $4.6 million available.
    • We’ll be taking out a construction bridge loan of $1.6 million to cover the gap.
    • We aim to raise $1.6 million over the course of the next year so that we can pay off that bridge loan by the time construction is complete (est. Spring 2015).
UPDATE: Thanks to your generous giving in the Quarterly Building Offering in March 2014, we have raised enough to not have to take out a bridge loan!

What is the timing of this project?

We plan to break ground in the spring of 2014 and complete construction of the Chapel in spring 2015.

What happened to “3-1-3”? Are we still building the Parking Deck?

Our original fundraising goal in the “Further Up & Further In” campaign was a breakdown we were calling “3-1-3”: $3 million to go towards the Chapel, $1 million for debt reduction, and $3 million to build the Parking Deck. We did pay off $1 million in debt as planned but we have determined the need for the Chapel is much greater than the need for the Parking Deck right now so we are going to focus our funds on the Chapel project and save the Parking Deck for the future. You can see a breakdown of the funds raised and needed in the question about finances above.

When is the next offering? How can I give?

We take special Building Offerings once a quarter. The dates for this year’s offerings are below. You can also give to the Building Fund online anytime. Donations to the Building Fund are meant to be over and above your regular giving.

2014 Quarterly Building Offerings:
- March 29 & 30
- June 21 & 22
- September 20 & 21
- December 13 & 14

Is my 3-year giving commitment over? What do I do now?

If you made a three-year giving commitment to the Building Fund right when we began the Further Up & Further In campaign in the Spring of 2011, your commitment is now wrapping up but we are asking everyone to pray about what they can continue to give over the next year to help us close the gap on the funds needed to complete the Chapel ($1.6 million needed by Spring 2015). The Chapel will provide something for everyone so we hope everyone will contribute to making it happen! (If you made a three-year commitment but didn’t start it until later, we ask you to continue giving your committed amount until your three years is up.)

What else can I do to help?

PRAY! Prayer moves mountains…and builds churches! Prayer has been a critical part of the process of purchasing this piece of property and completing the first phase of construction and we are asking for continued prayer as we take our next steps. Please join us in seeking the Lord for clear guidance and financial provision throughout the next phase of the project.