About Online Giving

Welcome to Online Giving at North Coast! You can choose from several options below. You can give your regular tithes or you can select to make a donation to one of our special funds. Also, you have the option of making a one-time donation or setting up a recurring donation which will be automatically deducted from your account. For additional information concerning Online Giving please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Tithes & Offerings

Our commitment to raising up transformed people to transform our world is supported by your regular tithing and special offerings. We believe God has made us managers of His resources and part of life at North Coast is being a willing giver. For many who are new to the church, the concept Jesus taught of tithing 10% can seem overwhelming. We encourage everyone to take their giving to God in prayer. Can’t do 10%? Start smaller and see what happens! Trust God with what you are able to give and watch what He does.


In addition to our regular tithes and offerings, special offerings are taken on occasion to support our Building, Missions and Benevolence Funds. See below for details.


Special Offerings

Building Fund

We are gearing up for the next phase of our building project - this is a great time to join in! Your giving towards the Building Fund will help add the Chapel and Parking Deck as well as speed up the process of reducing our debt. We take special Building Offerings each quarter. The 2014 Building Offerings will be taken on March 29/30, June 21/22, September 20/21 and December 13/14.

Give to the Building Fund.

Fill out an anonymous Commitment Card.

Learn more about the Building Project.


Missions Fund

At North Coast Calvary Chapel, we are committed to stepping out into our community and across borders and oceans to promote His kingdom here on earth. Your contributions to the Missions Fund support this commitment. We take a special offering towards the Missions Fund each quarter. The 2014 Missions Offerings will be taken on February 22/23, May 17/18, August 16/17, and November 8/9.

Give to the Missions Fund

Give to Syria and Iraq. Help provide basic services to our Christian brothers and sisters who have had to flee their homes. Find out more in this 2 minute video.

Give to Village Transformation: Manhary

Missions Partners

To give to a specific partner, check out their information found on our Missions Page

Missions Trips

THAILAND: Mercy Ministries Foundation - Leadership Training & KidsGames

CAMBODIA: Mercy Ministries Foundation - Dental


Benevolence Fund

When financial crisis hits and every resource has failed, people can turn to God and His church. Your contributions to the Benevolence Fund support North Coast Calvary Chapel in providing financial guidance and short term assistance to individuals and families in need in our church. We take special offerings toward the Benevolence Fund each quarter. The 2014 Benevolence Offerings will be taken on January 18/19, April 26/27, July 19/20, and October 18/19.

Begin Giving Online

To give to the Trillizio Family Benevolence Fund, please click here.

For more information or to watch the memorial service for Pastor Bear, click here.

To give to the Poznaks Family Click Here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the frequently asked questions about online giving.


Special Note: Good stewardship and the use of credit cards in online giving.
Biblically based stewardship should be followed in the use of credit cards. Please do not go into debt using credit cards to give. No contributions should be charged to your card that can’t be paid off in full at the end of the month.
Thank you.