Get to know NCCC



We invite you to make a connection with our pastoral/directoral staff of North Coast Calvary Chapel. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with church and to share our stories together. It is our desire for you to find a place to belong and grow, and one of the best ways to begin that journey is by attending this event held on a selected 4th Sundays throughout year, except for the Christmas and Easter Seasons.

Next CONNECT Mixer: Sunday, April 26


10:45am in Room C-105 (Behind the Chapel) [If you attend the 8:45am service and are unable to stay for CONNECT at 10:45AM, we invite you to drop in the room after the 1st service as we’d still love to make a connection with you.]

Please drop your kiddos in our Children’s program and then come on over to C-105.

If  you have any questions, please call: (760) 579-4138