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Christian Sports Fellowship is an Interdenominational Christian Sports Ministry based in Chennai, India. CSF was founded in 1988 by a group of young athletes who loved the Lord and wanted to introduce a Christian influence into the world of sports in the city of Chennai.

Their purpose is “To serve, disciple and train athletes and to bring the Good News of the Gospel into the world of sports in India while working alongside the local church”. CSF has very strong core values – they are committed to humility and service, integrity and honesty, working in partnerships and walking close with God in holiness and righteousness.

CFS is working in communities and planting churches using sports and disciple making as a key tool. They are investing in young lives by providing education and sports opportunities to help them see a better future. Their ministry is making a positive difference in the community which leads to an overall transformation of the community with the goal of the gospel reaching every home.


• For more communities to open up for the gospel.
• Remember the young boys from different faiths who have started following Christ.
• Prayer for our sports academy, which is the main tool.
• Pray for our main weekly Tuesday evening church meetings.


• Put “ CSF, Chennai” in the memo of your check to NCCC.


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