Elevate 78 Summer Camp 2021

August 9th-13th



Camp information

Health & Safety Measures at Camp

The health and safety of campers is always a primary concern. The spread of sickness – of any kind – at camp obviously puts a damper on the experience. Camp is intended for well students, and we will be taking the following measures in order to ensure everyone’s wellness. Please note that the operating restrictions observed by the camp are subject to change as Covid-19 cases in San Diego County either increase or decrease.


Pine Valley Bible Camp and Conference Center is operating under a modified Safe Reopening Plan in compliance with the health regulations of San Diego County. From their website (http://pinevalleybible.com/health-and-safety-at-pine-valley/):


We will routinely disinfect our facilities and recreational equipment on a regular basis as required by the County, and for the safety of every guest who comes here. In addition, our staff will also be following the guidelines of the CDC, and will be using personal protective equipment for everyone’s safety. Guests will need to bring their own facemasks and refillable water bottles.


Parents and caregivers should know that the majority of the camp experience will be outdoors, where the CDC says Covid-19 transmission is rare. For the most part, masks will not be required while outdoors. Masks will be required for the following activities:
  • On the bus ride to and from camp.
  • In camp common areas, such as the gift shop, coffee shop, or game room, where campers may come into contact with groups from other churches. (Although our program and lodging is dedicated to us, there may be other church groups on grounds the same week, and campers could come into contact with these outside groups in the common areas.)
  • While entering the dining hall to pick up food. (Meals will be eaten at outdoor tables).


Additionally, we will not require masks to be worn in cabins. You should know that cabins have a maximum capacity of 12 people and campers sleep in close proximity and share a common bathroom inside each cabin. Our plan is to minimize the amount of time spent in cabins (sleeping, changing clothes); scheduled activities, including small group discussion times, will be held outdoors, and campers will be discouraged from using cabins to “hang out” during downtimes.


Each night, our group will gather in an assembly hall for a meeting, which will include singing, that will last about one hour. Masks will not be required during this meeting. We intend to space chairs out and keep the doors and windows open.


Here are some additional steps we will be taking to prevent the spread of sickness while at camp:
  • All campers will undergo a health screening prior to boarding the bus on Monday, August 9.
  • Counselors will take campers’ temperatures each morning.
  • Our nurse will be available 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies and dispense medication, as well as quarantine students who show signs of Covid-like symptoms. The decision to pull a camper off program or reinstate him or her because of health symptoms will rest with our camp nurse and NCCC staff.


CANCELLATION REFUND: We will give a 100% refund if your son or daughter is unable to attend camp either because:
  • They test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of camp
  • They are exposed to someone who has tested positive within 14 days of camp, or
  • They have symptoms indicative of Covid-19 on the day we board the bus


Partial refunds for students who may get sick at camp (for any reason) and have to go home will depend on the camp’s policy for prorating charges. We cannot refund money we don’t have.