Before you register, be sure to talk to the person (or people) you want to go through DX with. Everyone needs to fill out a separate registration.

STEP ONE: Contact your coach

You and your partner should touch base with your coach, to set up a regular meeting time. If you’re not sure who your coach is or how to contact them, please e-mail us.


Work your way through these 5 modules on your own. Start with “The Starting Line.”



Next, with your partner or partners, work through these modules. You should also talk about your answers that you shared in the modules you worked through alone.

We recommend using Zoom, so that one person can share their screen and computer sound as you watch the videos and fill out the online forms. (FaceTime is fine, but you’d each need to be playing the videos on your own and – that’s just messy.) With a free Zoom account, you can do 30-minute meetings at no cost. Visit Zoom to learn more.

You can do these three in any order:

Watch this video last. It explains how to do the day-by-day process of spending time with God.


After you’ve completed the modules above, you’re ready to start actually spending daily time with God.

Your time should have three parts: Focusing, Reading-Bible-Prayer, and Filling out the feedback form.

1. Focusing

Take some time to focus. You might use one of the videos below, or do your own routine to make yourself open to meeting with God during this time.

Focusing on God using your five senses – Version A
Focusing on God using your five senses – Version B
Focusing: The Hand



Focusing: Breath Prayer – The Jesus Prayer


2. Readings, Bible & Prayer

Now, take your time with the reading from Awesome God. The readings are not included here. Check your e-mail. Also, we recommend you print out the .pdf of the readings. (Do only one Awesome God reading per day.)

Then, take some time reading the Bible passages suggested at the end of the Awesome God chapter for today.

Finally, spend some time in prayer. Remember to start by either bringing a “truth nugget” (something you learned from the reading), a question, or a complaint to God, and see where your prayers go from there.

Take all the time you need. Then come back, and click next to finish up.

[Note: If you are on Day 13 or Day 22, there is no reading for these days. You can go straight to the Feedback Form below, and it will walk you through how you will spend time with God for those days.]


3. Feedback Form (if you’re not using the DX-1 daily journal)

The button below will take you to the feedback form. (Note: The form works for any day. It will ask you what day of Awesome God you were on.)

**If you are using the daily journal, record your feedback there. You do not need to do the online form.