Our ministry exists to help care for and show God’s love to children through keeping families intact, providing support for children without families, and bringing new families together through adoption.

Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.

Ephesians 3:17-18 (NLT)

About Rooted


Safe Families

One of the central pieces to stopping the cycle of foster care in America is to keep families together. The aim of NCCC working with Safe Families is to stop the cycle of neglect and abuse in at-risk families by providing a network of community to single moms who are in need of help with their children. Safe Families is a completely volunteer, church-run program without governmental involvement. Our aim is to provide short-term, full-time care to children of parents who need to leave their children in the care of another, but do not possess a network of resources on which to draw. We take care of children whose parents need to go to a job interview, or serve a short stint in rehab. We aim to provide community and safety for the children of single moms who are at risk of neglecting their children because of the urgency of meeting the needs of their family.

There are two key ways to get involved with us and Safe Families:

Host Family – a family who takes a child into their home for a short, defined period of time.

Family Friend – A person who helps the host family caring for the child by providing prayer, care, running errands, dropping off dinner, etc..

You can obtain more information about Safe Families, already at work in 26 states here: http://www.safe-families.org/.

To find out more about Safe Families at NCCC, please contact Suzanne Lau at suzanne.lau@northcoastcalvary.org.

Foster Care

Foster care is an important piece in the journey of a child that is removed from their biological family.  Christian families are so needed in this important area of helping children in hard places.  Being a foster parent is like taking a missions trip in your own home.  Being open to having a child in transition is not for everyone, but if you are called, it can be a life-changing ministry and a lifelong blessing to a child who needs a loving and stable environment.  If you are interested in pursuing foster care, our partners below can give you specifics on what type of foster care might be good for your situation.

Angels Foster Family Network – http://www.angelsfoster.org
Olive Crest – http://www.olivecrest.org

If you are already fostering, we provide a monthly Foster Care & Adoption Support Group which meets on the campus of NCCC on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm.

For more information or questions, please contact our Family Ministry Administrator, Suzanne Lau, at Suzanne.Lau@northcoastcalvary.org.



Adoption is close to the heart of God. It is the metaphor he uses to describe our entrance into the kingdom of God and into his family. It is our desire at NCCC to empower and equip those families in our church who are called by God to adopt children. Our church can provide counsel and prayer to families interested in adoption and support for those who have already adopted.  Adoption is a wonderful calling and a ministry. Therefore, it is important that those who pursue adoption get as much support and training as possible. The list below is an introduction both to the different types of adoption that exist and some of the local resources in North San Diego County that can provide help. As a church community, we also want to stand with you in your interest in adoption. Rooted hosts quarterly events, trainings, and support groups for parents of adopted children. If you are interested in learning more about upcoming events, please look over our Rooted webpage, or contact our Rooted administrator, Suzanne Lau, at Suzanne.Lau@northcoastcalvary.org. 


Information on adoption

Snowflake/Embryo Adoption – This is a relatively new form of adoption in the United States whereby frozen embryos are legally adopted by a couple hoping to bring them to full term in the adoptive mother’s womb.  This is a miraculous way to begin or grow a family and a true service in the pro-life cause.  Please visit the links below in order to learn more about this new option in the adoptive community.

Embryo Adoption – http://www.embryoadoption.org
National Embryo Adoption Center – http://www.embryodonation.org
Miracles Waiting – http://www.miracleswaiting.org


Domestic Relinquishment – This form of adoption usually occurs at or immediately after birth and is also usually an open form of adoption, meaning there is some form of contact between the biological family and the adoptive family.  The agency below gives you more information on whether domestic relinquishment may be right for you:

Adoption Center of San Diego – http://www.sdadopt.org


Domestic Fos/Adopt Adoption – Adopting through the foster care system in California can be a life-changing thing. For more information on adopting through the CA foster care system:

Family Connections Christian Adoptions – http://www.fcadoptions.org
Olive Crest – http://www.olivecrest.org
Nightlight Christian Adoptions – https://www.nightlight.org
Bethany Christian Adoptions – https://www.bethany.org
International Christian Adoptions – http://4achild.org


International Adoption – There are many Christian agencies that facilitate international adoption. Below are just a few of them.

Bethany International – https://www.bethany.org/global-services
All God’s Children International – https://allgodschildren.org
America World Adoption – http://www.awaa.org/default.aspx
Nightlight Christian Adoptions – https://www.nightlight.org
International Christian Adoptions – http://4achild.org


Financial Aid – Resources are available to help finance your adoption through grants, donations, crowdfunding, and interest-free loans. The following agencies are not sponsored by NCCC, but are legitimate Christian organizations to utilize for assistance.

Adopt Together – https://www.adopttogether.org
Show Hope – http://showhope.org
Adoption Bridge – http://adoptionbridge.org
ABBA Fund – http://www.abbafund.org


Chrislogotian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) – We are a proud to be a member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans in conjunction with hundreds of other churches in North America.  https://cafo.org


Being listed on this resource page does not entail an endorsement by NCCC or Rooted, but serves as a guide to help potentially adoptive families see their options in their decision-making process.

Recommended Resources



Denise Phipps – Adoptive Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist #50912
San Diego Youth Services Adoption Support Program – Clinician
3511 Camino del Rio S., Ste. 500  San Diego, CA  92108
(619) 325-8611

Lance Ahl – Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #71849
5650 Camino Real, Ste. 130  Carlsbad, CA  92008
(714) 222-0331

Kristi Marcuson, M.A.– Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #81540
Restoration Therapy Center
5650 El Camino Real, Ste. 130  Carlsbad, CA  92008
(858) 707-5603

Kathryn DeBruin – Marriage and Family Therapist #43615
10065 Old Grove Rd.  San Diego, CA  92131
(619) 352-0054

San Diego Youth Services – Adoption Support Program
3255 Wing Street  San Diego, CA  92110
(619) 221-8600

Palomar Family Counseling Services, Inc. – CSED program (0-5 years)
1002 E. Grand Ave.  Escondido, CA  92025lightstock_62135_xsmall_suzanne_
(760) 741-2660

Vista Hill – School-based counseling services
8910 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.  San Diego, CA  92123
(858) 514-5100



The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew by Sherrie Eldridge

Real Parents, Real Children:  Parenting the Adopted Child by Holly Van Gulden

Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A Parent’s Guide to Beginning Natural Hair Styling by Rory Mullen



Training for parents adopting children who have experienced trauma – www.empoweredtoconnect.org

Focus on the Family – www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/adoptive-families

ADHD and other learning disabilities – www.understood.org



Resources are available to help finance your adoption through grants, donations, crowdfunding, and interest-free loans.

Adopt a Love Story – http://adoptalovestory.com

Adopt Together – https://www.adopttogether.org

Show Hope – http://showhope.org

Adoption Bridge – http://adoptionbridge.org

ABBA Fund – http://www.abbafund.org



Dr. Michelle Dern – Pediatrician specializing in international adoption
Scripps Coastal Pediatrics
477 N. El Camino Real, Ste. B105 & C206  Encinitas, CA  92024
(760) 753-7143

Ted R. Youmans – Attorney specializing in adoption services
Family Building, The Law Office of Ted R. Youmans
505 South Villa Real Dr., Suite 100  Anaheim Hills, CA  92807
(714) 408-2900

Rady’s Outpatient Psychiatry – C3 (Child Care Connect) developmental screenings
3665 Kearny Villa Rd. #101  San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 966-5832

The Brain Highways Center – Neurodevelopment of gross motor skills
207 S. El Camino Real  Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 943-0496

Straight from the Heart – Thrift store (Patti Boles)
839 W. San Marcos Blvd.  San Marcos, CA  92078
(760) 744-2240

Camp Connect – Summer camp for foster siblings who have been separated
9400 Ruffin Rd., Ste. A  San Diego, CA  92123
(858) 278-4400

Home4Good – Real estate team making a difference by helping to fund adoptions
307 E. Chapman Ave. Ste. 204  Orange, CA  92866
(714) 728-1255

Rachel Thomas – Haircare (Sisterlocks trainee)
Locs of Luv
501 Escondido Blvd.  Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 917-2250

Cassandra Lawson – Haircare (Sisterlocks Consultant)
Locs of Luv
501 Escondido Blvd.  Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 798-6756

Resources listed are not endorsed by NCCC or Rooted, but serve as a guide to help adoptive families in their journey.

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