First Aid

Please be sure to read these volunteer instructions so you will know what to do at Harvest Party.

Your first aid booth will be set up with a sign on it and your equipment already there. It will be located near Room A106 (this is the Infant Room on the weekends – located on the south corner of the Family Center Building). The First Aid station will also function as a Lost and Found or lost child area. If a child is lost, immediately utilize the radio to notify all Harvest Party staff (wearing orange “STAFF” T-shirts) and safety teams. You might be asked general questions too. If you do not know an answer, please direct them to a staff member wearing an orange shirt or to an NCCC pastor if it is a question about the church ministries.



1 Please aim to arrive extra early to allow time for parking and checking in at your designated volunteer table.


2 Check in at your designated volunteer table, located in Room A106 (located on the south corner of the Family Center Building). See the map and look at the blue boxes to find the location of your check in area.   Highlight your name on the First Aid list and make yourself a nametag. *Note: Room A106 will also be used as a meeting place for the parking and safety teams before they go out.


3 Arrive at the First Aid table.

• Fill out an incident report (provided) for any injury that occurs, no matter how minor. Have the parent sign the form and pass forms on to the second shift team and they will turn all forms in at the end of the night.

• A basic First Aid kit will be provided. There is also a defibrillator available.

• For emergencies, have safety or nearest reliable helper call 911. There is a phone in Room A106 as well as in every classroom

• In case of a serious injury, please tell an NCCC pastor AND a person wearing an orange shirt (they should have a radio)

• In case you need to direct an ambulance, the church address is 1330 Poinsettia Lane, Carlsbad 92011.   On the corner of Poinsettia Lane and Aviara Parkway.


4 Shift change – Please wait until you have been replaced before you leave your post, and make sure the new person is familiar with the job. Thank you, now go play! If your replacement does not arrive soon, please let someone wearing an orange “STAFF” T-shirt know. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!




Bring all First Aid equipment to the big counter in the lobby of the Children’s Building. Please give all incident reports to either Joan Stevenson or Lisa Edwards (they will both be wearing orange “STAFF” shirts. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!


If you are the last shift, please, please help us clean up!

  • Gather all signs, supplies, candy buckets and anything else you can find to the bottom of the exterior stairway of the Family Center that leads to the NCCC offices. That is our staging area for clean up.