Go Strategy

Whole Life Sports

Parents of Athletes

For young athletes, sport will influence them all their lives. It can build character and will always reveal character. Where is the gospel in sport? How can we integrate following Jesus into being the best athlete we can be? And to use sport to deepen, communicate and walk together in spiritual growth. We can use the ready-made lessons of sport to grow in Christlikeness?

Contact Debbie Walton at debbie@northcoastcalvary.org



Our coaches connection has brought together over 100 area coaches to discuss how to use the influential platform of coaching to affect athletes whole lives. Partnering with Fellowship of Christian Athletes we are looking to once again bring coaches together in the fall of 2016 for coach to coach equipping for this vital work.

If you want to be on this developing team contact Debbie Walton at debbie@northcoastcalvary.org


Fuse (Youth Sports Leadership Development)

Fuse is a team we are forming to help develop leadership skills in 7th-12th graders they can use right now. Fun, experiential trainings combined with community service projects will help students grow in their faith as disciples, interpersonal skills and leadership confidence.  If you want to be part of the development team or aare an interested student or parent, this will begin in April and will run through the summer. First meeting April 3rd at NCCC. (room TBD) 

Contact Shannon Downing at downingshannon@att.net


The Bridge Conference (Training in sport ministry)

We have discovered that sport is a bridge that can take us anywhere in the world and share a common passion. The Bridge Conference trains sports leaders, athletes, coaches, pastors and others with a passion for sport to cross this bridge between Christ and culture that will open dialogue for the good news.  2016, Nov 1-5 

Contact Miki Montoya at mikim@northcoastcalvary.org


Max (summer sport camp for kids 1st-6th grades)

If KidsGames is big, Max sport camp is smaller on purpose, 100 kids max. A week at Max goes deeper in discipling kids and developing technique in sports. Kids learn to be successful on and off the field. Through our camp, we hope to enlarge each child’s athletic character and self-management.
Contact Carrie Price at  maxsportcamp@northcoastcalvary.org

KidsGames (Summer sport and creative art camp for kids 4 years-old-6th grades)

KidsGames is a week-long camp for kids that uses sports and creative arts to teach positive values and make the Bible come alive. Children are given the chance to learn through sports, art and other creative electives, build new friendships, and serve the community through a compassion project.  It is an amazing week of experiential learning unlike anything else on the planet.   It really is the BEST KID THING ON EARTH (Dawson link this to KG page)

Contact our team at kidsgames@northcoastcalvary.org


Passport Sports opportunities

Worldwide sport is a catalyst to build relationship and bridge culture. We are committed to helping our church sport partners to take the gospel into their communities through coaching, trainings and KidsGames and learning from our partners new ways to impact our sports communities in San Diego.  We have a sport coaching trip this August in Egypt. 

Contact Wendy Hinman at wendy@northcoastcalvary.org


San Diego City Team

Many churches and profit organizations realize that sport is an amazing door-opener. We also realize that partnering together takes us further than going it alone. The San Diego City team is a loose affiliation of churches and non-profits that share ideas and support each other in expanding their mission in the greater San Diego area. 

Contact Debbie Walton at debbie@northcoastcalvary.org


NCCC Sport Team

NCCC Sport Team drives Sport Ministry at North Coast. it is a group of dedicated volunteers willing to help implement the vision, and recruiting through the Whole Life Sport Go strategies. Come hear the vision for this team during NCC’s 10:45 service under the awning on the lawn. 

Contact Miki Montoya at mikim@northcoastcalvary.org