Please be sure to read these volunteer instructions so you will know what to do at Harvest Party.

Greeters have a very important job since you give the first impression to our guests a Harvest Party. Please keep in mind that you are the first contact many of our guests have ever had with our church!

¨ If the child does not have a candy bin or sack, please give them a plastic grocery bag (located in a bin by your greeting area). Since this is an outreach to the community, we are NOT censoring costumes so you don’t need to worry about that. Welcome the family and explain to the family the way it works: All events are free and children will receive candy when they have completed the games at the game booths. Food (pizza, salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, and a variety of drinks) is for sale over by the overflow tent behind the building.

¨ Give each family the brochure that explains all the attractions we have at the Harvest Party and point out that a map and list of show times are on the back. Please take a close look at the map on the website so that you are familiar with all the shows, show times, rides and games available. Be on the lookout for children who seem lost and bring them to room A106. Please note the location of the first aid station and safety teams for safety purposes. If you have questions or emergencies, please find someone wearing an orange “STAFF” T-shirt.

¨ Once the evening is winding down and families start to leave, please thank them for coming and be sure to ask the children how much candy they got. If they did not get very much, please give them a giant handful. We want every child to walk away feeling like they got plenty of candy since that is so important to them.




1 Please aim to arrive extra early to allow time for parking and checking in at your designated volunteer table. Greeters are the first people we need in place so PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.


2 Check in at your designated volunteer table, located near the fountain across from the playground. See the map and look at the blue boxes to find the location of your check in area. Highlight your name on the list and make yourself a nametag. You will be told which section we would like you to stand and greet people and will give you a bin of Welcome brochures to pass out.


3 Arrive at your assigned area to greet families at start of your shift (time listed above but please try to come early since greeters need to be there first).   Please be sure to make note of the location of the first aid station and the security teams for safety purposes.


4 Begin greeting – The first 10 minutes you will need to remind people that our volunteers are still arriving and the rides do not open until 4:00.   It is best if guests can wait until 4:00pm to enter. Work out a system with the other greeters to trade off positions. Be sure to offer directions and keep the traffic flowing throughout the night.



•smile and welcome everyone who arrives

•hand out brochures and bags to kids who need one

•if you need anything, look for a Harvest Party staff person who will be wearing an orange “STAFF” T-shirt

•Tell families there are activities for little kids down past the playground in the grass area behind the Children’s Building, for older kids in the Family Center, and lots for everyone in the middle. Food is in the courtyard area by the overflow tent.   The greeter areas need to be manned throughout the entire party since people are continually coming and going.


6 Shift change – Please wait until you have been replaced before you leave your post, and make sure the new people are familiar with what to do.   Thank you, now go play! If your replacement does not arrive soon, please let the person in the orange “STAFF” T-shirt know. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!



If you are the last shift, please, please help us clean up!

  • Bring all supplies and candy buckets to the bottom of the exterior stairway of the Family Center that leads to the NCCC offices. That is our staging area for clean up. (Please keep game items together in the bin so we can store them together for next year!)
  • If you want to stay later and help others break down the booths and do more clean up, we would greatly appreciate your help. If not, you are free to go. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!