April 17 – May 22 • Classes 6:30-8pm • Optional meal 5:45-6:30pm

What is the Harbor?

• An environment for parents and kids to grow together •

• A place for kids to have fun and learn to serve others •

• Variety of meaningful classes for parents to choose from •

• A place to meet other families and make a big church smaller •


Spring Harbor Classes for Parents

• Classes run for six-weeks, April 17 – May 22 •


Big-Picture Parenting with Craig & Jill

The pressure to perform as a parent can be non-stop. But what if parenting is more than an endless to-do list? What if there was actually hope, joy, and encouragement? You don’t have to be perfect! This class will turn us back to the gospel and grace, and free you from the burden of trying to manufacture life change in your kids. Free.

Dance Your Way to a Happier Marriage (Class is FULL)

In this class, we dance! Swing, salsa, ballroom, and tango – couples dancing teaches communication, trust, and teamwork. Plus there’s no time to stress about work or kids or bills when you’re tearing up the dance floor! Have fun, laugh, and grow closer to your spouse. [Spouses must attend together.] $20.

Single Moms

This is a safe place that welcomes all single moms. You’re not alone in the challenges you face! This class will encourage you to build healthy relationships with ex-spouses and raise your kids to love and honor God. You’ll find practical, biblically-sound guidance on being a loving, caring, effective parent to your children. Facilitated by Susan Kolonay. Free.

Fight for the Family

Strong families don’t happen by accident. This class will unpack Jill Briscoe’s book Fight for the Family. Learn effective strategies for taking a stand against the silent influences that work against family relationships. Handling conflicts, forgiveness, setting priorities, dealing with peer pressure, the role of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and prayer – come and get equipped to win the battle. Everyone will need a copy of the book Fight for the Family. Purchase it here.



Spring Harbor Classes for Kids



Early Childhood Care (Under Kindergarten)

Childcare for babies-pre Kindergarten is available when parents are taking a class or volunteering. ($30/ child for the six-week session).

GameLife (K-5th)

Game Life is an innovative approach to teaching Bible principles using sports and games. Each week includes the Game Zone where kids experience God’s word through an easy-to-learn game that teaches that session’s Main Truth; the Discovery Zone where kids explore the truth from the Bible; and the Life Zone where kids exercise the truth they’ve learned. To read more about GameLife, click here.

$40 for new students. Free for returners. Kids should also bring their Bible with them. We recommend a translation like NIV, NIrV or NLT. One good Bible for kids is The Adventure Bible.

BreakPoint: Jr High

A midweek environment for 7th & 8th graders that meets 6:30-8pm Wednesday nights during the school year. It’s teaching, it’s small groups, it’s social, it’s fun…and most importantly, it’s a break from the weekly routine. Small groups are one of the best ways for kids to plug in, meet leaders and other kids, and grow in their faith.

Note: We are excited to invite the 6th graders to come hang out at BreakPoint this Spring session! We can’t wait to get to know the 6th grade class!

VOX Live: High School

A community of youth who are being transformed by Jesus in order to help transform our world! Meets Wednesday nights from 7-9pm in the High School room.