Welcome to North Coast Calvary Chapel. During this time of exercising our stay-at-home experiences and social distancing when out and about, we continue to offer our weekend services. Each weekend our service includes uplifting worship, an engaging  messages from the Bible, a moment to give financially and pertinent information.

Please keep in mind that we are available to you, and here are a couple of jump starters for you:


Service & Programs

Currently you can enjoy the weekend service available each week from Saturday through Friday.

We also are offering online Children, 4th, 5th & 6th Grades, Junior High and High School programs.

Getting To Know You

Please CLICK HERE for our online Welcome Card to help us get to know you better and so that we can provide next steps for you.


Getting Connected

Go deeper by getting equipped, discovering who God designed you to be and how you can make an impact in the world for Christ. Register for a BELONG CLASS.



For further information or guidance:

Pastor: Email Jim Doyle or call 760-579-4101

Admin Assistant: Email Stephanie Cobian or  call 760-579-4138