Family-Friendly event 6:00-8:30 (or 9:00) pm

Hear from Paul Moses of Christian Sports Fellowship in Chennai, India as he shares at all services. Mingle with our partners on the piazza and hear about what they are doing to share God’s story around the world.

Living Stories

/where your passions come alive/
We are all part of a greater story. God has already set our unique path before us – one where our passions come alive and others get swept up in our tale. Let’s learn from our partners how to make our chapter of the story worth telling. We can choose where we want our story to go.

Going Deeper:

Living Stories – What does that mean?
1. It means that we are all in process. Our lives are not static and the choices we make today will change our tomorrow.
2. We are also part of each other’s stories, we are all effecting each other with how we live and interact with one another.
3. Of course, we are all part of God’s Great Story. One that started before the foundation of the earth and continues to be revealed today. We are part of that BIG story, and are called to share His story on our pages.
So… all those elements make up our LIVING STORY

Bring your family and friends to enjoy this wonderful chance to connect with our Global Partners. You will have the opportunity to choose from various break-out sessions taught by our Partners in their area of passion. Your children will also be able to attend age-appropriate sessions to bring them into a missional mindset. This Family-Friendly Friday Night will include a light dinner and dessert.



6:00 to 9:00pm in the Family Center
Friday Night Schedule:
Connection Event: Friday Nov. 4th 6:00-9:00pm
6:00pm: Family Center is open for a light Dinner and visiting with our partners. There will be activities for the kids, too!
8:00-9:00: Dessert and prayer in Family Center


Saturday Night, 6pm
Sunday 8:45am, 10:45am & 6pm

Engage with Mission Partners:
You will have a chance to pray for all our partners and meet them at tables where you can hear about their ministry, find out if there is a trip going to work along side them and be inspired by hearing their LIVING STORIES.

Our Mission Partner, Paul Moses from India, will be teaching. Please join us for this special and powerful weekend!


Connect with the heart of our Partners

1. Worth Dying For: Hope in the Midst of Persecution (C205B)
Hear stories of what it looks like to stand for God in the midst ofconflict. How God uses persecution to further his kingdom and his purposes (Life of David)
Facilitated by David Engelman
Partners: Shyam (Nepal), Grace (India), Ben (China), Abdelah (Morocco)

2. All Things to All Men (B203)
Our common passions build relationships that allow us to share in the lives of people from our subculture. Epic, true ideas on how to build your skills and share your life with purpose. (Life of Paul)
Facilitated by Wendy Hinman
Partners: Roy (Global), Walter (Kenya), Maged (Egypt), Sarah H. (Egypt)

3. The Lion and the Lamb: Servant Leadership (Chapel)
What does it look like to, like Jesus, humble yourself and serve others in a culture which tells us “It’s all about me” (Life of Jesus)
Facilitated by Jeff Moore
Team: Cassie (Global), Paul (India)

4. Missional Discipleship: Going deeper (C205A)
It’s a Biblical truism that you’re not a disciple until you’re making disciples, and you haven’t made a disciple until they’re making disciples. The world-over there are innumerable courses, theories, initiatives and whacky-websites on ‘discipleship’ – but the concept is widely misunderstood and inexpertly imparted. Come and hear how to turn the world upside-down for Jesus. Strategies for getting up from the feet of Jesus and going “into all the world.”
Facilitated by Mike Blankers
Team: Jonathan (India), Nkosinathi (South Africa), Mitch (Chile)

5. Taking Kids to the Edge of Themselves: Family Vision for Missions (B202)
Just as Samuel followed a call to serve God at a young age, how can we challenge our kiddos to foster passion for reaching our with Jesus’ radical transformative love, even when they’re young? (Life of Samuel)
Facilitated by Mark Friestad
Team: Jenny (SA), Jonson (Brazil), Janet (Peru)

6. Living Legacy: Writing a Story that is bigger than you (Reception Room)
Encouragement and tools for how to use your life experiences to disciple and mentor the emerging generations by example. A living model of enduring ministry. Making the wisdom of your experience count. As we mature, how do we use our time and experience to impact the kingdom and the emerging generation. (Life of Abraham)
Facilitated by Buz Buzbee
Team: Brian Pearson (Global), Cindy Pesina, Jose Luis Pesina (Mexico), Solomon (Kenya)


7. #Ablaze: Stokin’ tha faya!
High School Room – C104

We know we’ve been created by God and for God, but what does that really mean? How can we hear the leading of God that connects deeply to our unique piece of eternity knit into who He made us to be…the place where our lamp stays ablaze; where energy, passion and significance become a lifestyle.
Facilitated by Willie Register & Jennifer Ahl
Team: Heather (South Africa), Vinicius (Brazil)

8. Enter the Story: Choose your own adventure
4-6th Grade Room – B201

In our 4th-6th Grade breakout we will be exploring the importance of having mission in the Church. We will discuss Mission and how the global church can change the world through the love of Christ.
Facilitated by James & Rachelle Walton

9. World Changers & Global Kids: K-3rd Grade

Short Story by Janet Wiest

10. Kidlets for Jesus:
0-2 years A105 & 3-5 year olds A105