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Mars Hill Discovery Center at North Coast Calvary Chapel is designed to equip, encourage, and enrich Christians in their faith.  We offer seminars with guest speakers (“Evenings on Mars Hill”), Group Discussions, Lectures and more that will help you grow as a Christian and build your confidence as you seek to “live out Christ in culture.”


Our purpose is to provide a learning center for teaching, training, and education in classical Christianity and classical Christian values as a part of North Coast Calvary Chapels priorities to equip the saints for service. Mars Hill Discovery Center students will be schooled in a Christian worldview that defends the historic and classical doctrines of the faith while applying biblical insights and critique to the world culture at large.  Each of the opportunities that we offer, from classrooms to special events, are designed to help you learn what we believe and why we believe, to better understand the times we live in, and to become equipped to give an answer for the hope that lies within us with graciousness and respect.  (see 1Peter 3:15)


Evening On Mars Hill, Fri., July 12 – 7-9pm Chapel

God’s Crime Scene: The Evidence for God’s Existence from Biology

Guest Speaker: J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace, a Dateline featured Cold-Case Detective, will provide an investigative template to help you examine the evidence for God’s existence. Learn how to examine the universe like a crime scene to determine the most reasonable inference for the appearance of design we find in biological organisms.

Evening On Mars Hill, Fri., June 14

Seth Gruber: Pro Life Speaker

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