A Season to THRIVE

A Season to THRIVE:
How to Really Live in a World that Seems Hopeless

We want to help you grow and thrive, despite whatever obstacles may be in your life because of Covid.

What will the fall season bring for you? What if restrictions remain in place, keeping us even longer from living life as normal? Does 2020 have to end in despair?

Fortunately, as Christians, there’s another possibility: Growth! Join us as we learn together how we can grow and even thrive during seasons of hardship, restriction, and suffering.

Topics include:
• Embracing suffering
• Handling disagreements with family and friends while keeping the peace
• Helping kids thrive in a weird world of uncertainty
• Thriving in marriage when we’re all living and working on top of each other
• Battling loneliness and despair


Week 1 – Mark Friestad Interviews Stuart Briscoe about the role of suffering in the Christian life, and also Nic and Darlene Abrams about their family’s story and how they found joy in the midst of suffering.

Week 2 – It’s a season of heightened tensions – Covid, race, and now the presidential election. How can we navigate relationships with people we care about, who have very different views? Mark Friestad interviews guests to discuss: How to keep the peace with family and friends when you strongly disagree.

Week 3 – Mark Friestad interviews guests to focus on issues facing seniors during this season. Maybe you’re lonely and feeling isolated? Or you have a parent who it’s been hard to offer support to because of Covid restrictions. We’ll hear from several seniors in our congregation on how they’re weathering this storm and tips for how to thrive. Guests include Jim Frampton, Carol Munhofen, Cheryle Colt, and Judy Martin.

Week 4 – Mark Friestad interviews guests to discuss: “How to help your kids thrive in a weird world of uncertainty.” Our kids are suffering alongside us through the pandemic. How do we best help them? Will they bounce back once restrictions end, or are there long-term consequences we need to prepare for? Our guests will be Beth Geesey and Kirsten Hitchcock.

Week 5:  This week focuses on two subjects: mental health & marriage. Jeff and Robin Reinke will join Mark Friestad to talk about stress, anxiety, and the challenges that changed schedules and so much time together has created for our relationships. Tune in at 7:00 Wednesday night and submit your questions.

Week 6:  This week has a special focus on teenagers’ mental health and development and how we can help them thrive this fall even when all of the usual outlets for their energy and creativity are closed. Mark Friestad and guests dig into this important topic.

Week 7:  This week will focus on Spiritual Practices that help us thrive. Mark Friestad, Roy Inzunza, and Evan Neel talk about how spiritual disciplines can help us lean into growth and overcome hardship.