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NCCC Disaster Relief:

We want to be trained and ready to serve our families, church, and community in event of a disaster (fire, earthquake, terrorist attack, etc).  We had an opportunity to serve our community during the May 2014 Carlsbad Fire where we started the Fire Faith Collaborative. We  partnered with other churches and nonprofits to assist with the 2018 Camp/Paradise Fire, and the 2020 San Jose’ area fires. 

Let’s be Jesus’ hands & heart in our community!

Training Opportunities in the Community

IF you are taking any of the trainings below please let us know by email

We want to be able to quickly contact you to work together in event of a disaster.

CERT - Community Emergency Response Team Training

If you don’t see a current training date, get on your city’s email list to be notified of their next trainings – they fill up fast and are held usually once a year in each city:

CERT members are trained in basic emergency response skills which are used to assist themselves, their families, and neighbors when a major disaster strikes and professional first responders have not yet arrived. CERT training covers basic life and property-saving skills that are important to know in a disaster when emergency services are not immediately available.  Trained CERT volunteers can assist neighbors extinguish small appliance fires, secure natural gas to damaged homes, perform light search and rescue, and render basic medical aid. Trained volunteers also offer an important potential workforce to service organizations in non-hazardous functions such as community outreach and shelter support.

Topics include:  Disaster preparedness, Fire safety
, Disaster medical operations (i.e.: triage, treating burns, splinting, etc)
, Light search and rescue operations
, CERT organization, Terrorism and CERT, Disaster psychology

“Disasters in the recent past have shown that most people, when they are not hurt themselves, want to volunteer and help others.  But without proper training, they can expose themselves to potential injury and even death.  To take just one example, do you know how to recognize the danger of downed power lines?  Basic training in disaster survival and rescue skills improves the ability of citizens to survive and take care of others less fortunate until professional responders arrive.”  Encinitas CERT

•  CERT Community Emergency Response Teams for various cities.

CERT Carlsbad Emergency Volunteer Training Offered

City of Carlsbad residents interested in joining the Community Emergency Response Team can now sign up online. CERT volunteers provide emergency preparedness and response assistance to their neighbors and community. Volunteers receive 24 hours of free training, including fire safety, disaster medical operations, and light search and rescue.

According to City of Carlsbad Emergency Preparedness Coordinator David Harrison, CERT volunteers played an important role in the response to the Poinsettia Fire in May 2014, performing a variety of support activities in the city’s Emergency Operations Center and at temporary evacuation points and shelters.

Interested volunteers must apply online at www.VolunteerinCarlsbad.net or direct to CERT Carlsbad .  Team members must be Carlsbad residents and 18 years old or older. The City of Carlsbad has trained hundreds of CERT volunteers, who are actively involved in neighborhood readiness, public outreach and disaster drills. Carlsbad’s team is one of the many CERT teams assisting local government jurisdictions in preparing their residents for emergencies.

For more information  Call 760-434-2929

•  Encinitas, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, and Solana Beach CERT  The CERT Academy teaches citizens basic emergency skills and educates them so that they can effectively respond to disasters as a part of a team.  The program includes special training for basic fire suppression and medical care. Volunteers will also learn how to size-up search and rescue situations, such as a collapsed building, for example, to determine whether it is safe to go in. Classes are taught by Encinitas firefighters.

•  Escondido CERT

•  San Marcos CERT for San Marcos Residents age 18+ only

•  Vista CERT

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Classes

•  American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Adult and Pediatric Classes (760) 757-5403 or their website There is a cost for these trainings.  Other class options are available, check the website.

TIP - Trauma Intervention Program

The first class is an overview of TIP where you’ll learn if TIP is right for you.  If you think you’d like to be a TIP volunteer, we’d like to speak with you. After two weeks of training, including “on the job” training, TIP volunteers will be scheduled for 3 “on call” shifts per month for 12 hours each shift, during which time they are expected to respond to a trauma incident upon notification by an authorized emergency services organization. TIP volunteers must be immediately available by cell phone, and they are committed to being on scene within 20 minutes of notification. They also must attend a monthly 3 hour continuing education meeting. They also need auxiliary volunteers to help with fund raising, administrative, and other functions.  Website

•  Crisis Response Team: Specially trained citizen volunteers respond on a 24/7 basis to assist victims of traumatic events to any location requested by a participating emergency services agency within 20 minutes of the time called.

•  TIP 4 Kids Program:  TIP volunteers are trained to work with children in crisis.  Volunteers bring teddy bears, coloring books, and age appropriate materials to the scene to work with children who have witnessed a tragedy or have lost a sibling or parent.  Many times TIP volunteers assist parents in working with their own children following a tragedy.

•  Senior Program: TIP volunteers respond to senior citizens in crisis to help in times of disorientation and confusion.  Having someone near to guide a senior citizen through life transitions helps prevent anxiety and depression.  A senior TIP volunteer can relate to seniors in crisis and bring comfort during a confusing time.

Emergency Smart Phone App

The County of San Diego has created an app that can be downloaded to smart phones, iPads, etc. The app is free and is full of excellent information that is useful during a disaster.

Just go to http://readysandiego.org/alertsandiego/  then click the appropriate app for iPhones or Droids.

Helpful Disaster Related Links

If anyone asks about shelters or fire updates this site keeps current info: www.sdcountyemergency.com (on your mobile click the box in the top right corner for the shelter link)

Red Cross Safe and Well Website:  to notify others you’re ok or find others in a disaster:  http://www.redcross.org/safeandwell

Ready.gov www.Ready.gov  Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed


Center For Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Emergency Preparation

CDC Mental Health: Coping with Trauma and Disasters

Cardiac Arrest Video: Learn How to Save a Life

Carlsbad Disaster Preparedness

After a Disaster

Know of useful resources or trainings we should add – email us and let us know!