Rose Martinez

Mercy Ministries Foundation
In 1980, the Lord gave the Mercy Ministries Foundation staff (Christian Happy Homes) a burden to care for the orphans of Thailand. It began humbly with only 13 kids and $100 per month. Since its founding MMF, has flourished and has seen over a 100 children raised in the Happy Homes—many who are now government officials, businessmen, pastors, teachers and servants of Jesus.

The staff at MMF are equipped to serve abandoned and unwanted children and have recently established a vision for their calling in Christ—“Raising children, Building lives and Following Christ.” Many of the staff have a unique testimony since they were raised in the home as orphans themselves and now joyfully serve Jesus while ministering to the next generation of Christian leaders.

In 2000, the Lord gave the MMF staff a burden for their neighbor—the people of Cambodia, ravaged by civil war. By God’s grace, MMF now provides a Happy Home to nearly 40 high-risk Cambodian children and a school in an urban slum where 440 children hear the gospel, receive food and a basic education.


For God’s provision, wisdom in staffing, for the health of the children both physically and spiritually .


Designated gifts to the ministry can be made directly to NCCC, attention Mercy Ministires Foundation, or online at Trips Page.