Please be sure to read these volunteer instructions so you will know what to do at Harvest Party.

The popcorn table will be set up with popcorn machine, popcorn, bags, bottled waters, change, and signs needed. People can pay cash at any of our concession stands. Assigned adults will be asked to be in charge of the money and the other helpers can work on getting the popcorn/waters to the customer and restocking supplies. If you have specific questions while you are serving, please ask someone at check in tables wearing an orange “STAFF” T-shirt.



1 Please aim to arrive extra early to allow time for parking and checking in at your designated volunteer table.


2 Check in directly at the Games Check In Table. See the map and look at the blue boxes to find the location of your check in area. Highlight your name on the list and make yourself a nametag. Please be sure to make note of the location of the first aid station and the security teams for safety purposes.


3 Now that you’ve arrived at the popcorn area, introduce yourself to the person wearing the orange “STAFF” T-shirt.  Go to your station and familiarize yourself with your duties. Make sure you have everything you need and that you know what the prices are.


4 Activity Time: HAVE FUN!!

  •   Keep popcorn & waters stocked
  •   Keep area clean and organized
  •   Smile and be patient with customers
  •   Wipe down tables and chairs as needed
  •   Keep table area clean & organized


5 Shift change – Please wait until you have been replaced before you leave your post, and make sure the new person is familiar with your duties before you leave. Restock anything that needs to be restocked before you leave. Thank you, now go play! If your replacement does not arrive soon, please let the person in the orange “STAFF” T-shirt know. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!




If you are the last shift, please, please help us clean up!

  • Throw away all trash
  • Gather all left over popcorn, drinks, and paper products. All popcorn supplies go to the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the church offices. All leftover drinks go to the food concession area in the piazza.
  • Any already prepared popcorn can be disposed of
  • Wipe down any tables used in your area
  • Take down all signs and bring them to the exterior stairway of the Family Center that leads to the NCCC offices
  • If you would like to stay later and help others break down booths and do more clean up, we would greatly appreciate your help! If not, you are free to go. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!