Ride Attendants

Please be sure to read these volunteer instructions so you will know what to do at Harvest Party.

Rides will be inflated and ready to go. You will be helping with the lines and making sure things go smoothly at the ride. Help kids take turns, monitor the line, and give candy to each child at the end of the ride.




1 Please aim to arrive extra early to allow time for parking and checking in at our designated volunteer check-in table.


2 Check in at our designated volunteer table, located in front of the Family Center. Receive a name tag, check the map for your ride location, and head to your inflatable. Please be sure to make note of the location of the first aid station and the security teams for safety purposes.


3 Arrive at your inflatable ride that will already be blown up and ready to go. Check-in with your zone leader who will be wearing an orange “STAFF” shirt.


4 Set Up:

• get directions from your zone leader wearing an orange “STAFF” shirt

• work out a system to run the activity safely and smoothly

• form one line and make sure that kids and parents understand where to line up

• count kids off one or a few at a time, depending on your ride


5 Activity Time: HAVE FUN!!

• try to keep the line in order and things running safely and smoothly

• please keep in mind that the line needs to keep moving at a good pace

• each child gets 3 pieces of candy when they exit the ride (unless the candy runners say differently)

• you should have a bucket of candy, which will be refilled by candy runners during the event. The runners will come to you.

• if you need anything, look for your zone leader who will be wearing an orange “STAFF” T-shirt


6 Shift change – Rides cannot be left unattended.   Please wait until you have been replaced before you leave your ride, and make sure the new people are familiar with how to manage your ride. Thank you, now go play! If your replacement does not arrive soon, please let the person in the orange “STAFF” T-shirt know. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!



If you are the last shift, please help the rental equipment staff by letting the kids know that the rides are being taken down now. A few minutes before 8:30pm, pick a child at the end of the line and say “You are the last one…No more kids in line after you.” Be sure all children are safely off the ride before it is deflated.


Once the ride is going down, please help us clean up!

  • Gather the stakes marking your line, the cones and candy buckets and bring everything to the bottom of the exterior stairway of the Family Center that leads to the NCCC offices. That is our staging area for clean up.
  • If you want to stay later and help others break down the booths and do more clean up, we would greatly appreciate your help. If not, you are free to go. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun event for kids and their families!