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Sangita Charitable Trust has expanded from a christian orphanage to include several other Community Impact ministries. Through these many programs, Paul & Grace are empowering the poor, the orphaned and the widowed through love and dignity and a saving knowledge of their Creator.
CHRISTIAN ORPHANAGE At Sangita’s orphanage any child who needs home, food and love, irrespective of caste or religion is welcomed. There are 95 children who live full time at Sangita and are being educated and loved.

WIDOW PROGRAM A monthly outreach to the widowed provides 300 poor and rejected women with food, vitamins and prayer. Through this program, the widows gain respect and a place in the family home because they can share the food they are given at Sangita.

SANGITA LIFE PLUS Another venture begun by Paul & Grace that has risen becasue the need in the community surrounding the Orphanage property. This program provides for many poor families and widows in the nearby villages. These folks are provided roofs for their huts, and children with special needs receive food and clothing. A women’s empowerment program has recently been launched – this is enabling the women provide their children with an education, despite their lack of family support.

WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM This program began with inspiration and prayer of NCCC. This group presents a unique opportunity for women from the local community to learn a skill or trade that will allow them to earn some money. These funds are then used to educate their children and often to get food on the table.


For God’s continued provision to minister to widows, orphans and outcasts in and around Chennai.


Sponsor a Child, donate for the Widows’ Provision or the Sangita Plus program and invest in the Self Help program.


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