Please be sure to read these volunteer instructions so you will know what to do at Harvest Party.

You will be assigned a zone to patrol and will be instructed on things to be on the lookout for. We will provide you with a Safety badge.



1 Please aim to arrive extra early to allow time for parking and checking in at your designated volunteer table.


2 Check in at your designated volunteer table, located near Room A106 (this is the Infant Room on the weekends – located on the south corner of the Family Center Building). See the map and look at the blue boxes to find the location of your check in area.   Highlight your name on the Safety list and make yourself a nametag. There will be a person there to give you directions and assign you a zone to oversee.


3 Arrive at your assigned zone and begin to observe the area. Please be sure to make note of the location of the other safety teams for safety purposes.   First Aid will be in the same room you reported to, Room A106.

• Lost children can be taken to first aid (Room A106)

• If someone looks lost please help them out (you will be given a map of rides and attractions). Chances are they are just looking for a restroom!

• If you have a question or emergency, please speak to a person wearing an orange “STAFF” T-shirt


4 Shift change – Please wait until you have been replaced before you leave your post, and make sure the new person is familiar with the job. Bring all equipment (radios, flashlights, vests, etc.) back to Room A106. Thank you, now go play! If your replacement does not arrive soon, tell the person who gave you directions. Thank you for helping make the Harvest Party a fun and safe event for kids and their families!




If you are the last shift, please, please help us clean up!

  • Gather all signs, supplies, candy buckets, stakes in the grass, and anything else you can find to the bottom of the exterior stairway of the Family Center that leads to the NCCC offices. That is our staging area for clean up.