Session 1

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To begin, enjoy this quick intro video…


We’re trusting this video clip makes you cringe. Why? Because it goes against the grain of what you value regarding small groups. It’s really the opposite of what you know a small group should be. And, hopefully it gets you to really think about why we do small groups, followed by our purpose and values for even doing life together.

Why Do We do Small Groups?

1. Personal Discovery and Deeper Friendships

Personal discovery happens in smaller group encounters better than in larger groups for a number of reasons. You can learn, ask questions, involve yourself in the lives of others, and generally make yourself vulnerable among other people who are doing the same in smaller groups. Small groups deliver deeper friendships that double as accountability. When people know you, really know you, your life becomes far more transparent, including your sin.

2. Maximum Participation

Small groups deliver maximum participation. There are opportunities to discuss the issues with others in the church. Church life issues can be discussed openly among trusted friends. Also, Mission can be planned out and participated in together. Lives are sharpened and leaders developed. Small groups are an absolute necessity for involving as many people as possible in the life and ministry of your church.

You see, community matters enough to be prioritized. It needs to be more than an afterthought. It needs to be the life of our church. It’s that important.

Purpose & Values

We need purpose and values that give us the foundation, accountability, and direction for healthy, lively small groups. We believe it’s important that our purpose and values fall in line with our church’s purpose of transformed people, transforming our world.

Our Small Groups Purpose

Committed to God’s Word

Making Friends

Impacting Our Communities


Value engaging in God’s Word daily (Col. 3:16)
Engaging in God’s Word reminds us of our dependence on Him. Like Jesus, we must pull aside from the frantic pace of life to pause, to reflect, to rest, to engage with God in regular times of refreshment. Spiritual practices like solitude, silence, scripture memory, and fasting, etc. can help transform you into a person who bears a striking resemblance to Jesus.


Value surrendering continually (Proverbs 3:5-8)
Following Jesus is a life of choosing to surrender. When we surrender to God we give ourselves to Him. But we don’t become a non-person. We become the person God has always wanted us to become. Trusting. Alive. Yielded. Surrendering continually maintains a special relationship with the Lord and as it becomes a way of life.


Value loving extravagantly (Colossians 3:12-15)
Your ability to love God and others is in direct proportion to your ability to experience God’s love for you. He is love and His love is extravagant, which is a model for you and me as we are commanded to Love Him and others, which is giving away what you have already been given. There is no action greater. So don’t hoard it because it will spoil. Instead give it away in overflowing manner.


Value investing relationally (Romans 12:9-18)
God crafted you to interact or relate to others. One who is living like Jesus is never oblivious to others. All around are relational opportunities, especially in your small group. Yes, Jesus took time to care for His own soul, and so should you, but also know that He was never far from people. He invested in them, and so should you with your time, energy and resources. Sometimes it fits into your schedule and sometimes it’s inconvenient, but it’s all worth it as you have the opportunities to encourage, bless, and impact lives for Jesus.

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