Session 2

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As we move forward, we wanted to bring to your attention important areas leadership:


NCCC sermon-based groups are gatherings of 8 -15 people who meet on a regular basis throughout north county San Diego for three 10-week sessions. While you/your group has the option of choosing your own approved curriculum, you may choose to use curriculum based on the week’s main passage and key theme to go deeper through further study, discussion, application and prayer. This would be emailed to you.


Sermon-Based Home Groups                         Week of Jan.__ 2018


Bible Study & Discussion







Next Steps Suggestions


Leader's Commitments

As you read over the following commitments, particularly reflect on being a good listener and how you would handle differences in opinions, beliefs and interpretations. We’ll have you respond in the Reading Response, along with your thoughts on comfort zones.

Be a follower of Jesus

Be loving and kind, a model of Christ

Be a good listener

Be organized, responsible and competent to complete tasks

Be aware of your limitations and willing to seek help

Be genuinely concerned and understanding of others

Be able to work well in a group and put others at ease

Be tolerant and respectful of differing opinions

Be open to a wide variety of people

Be able to articulate your faith and desiring to grow in it

Be encouraging and supportive of others in ministry

Be able to bring out the ideas and gifts of others

Be willing and able to commit to the time and energy required


Group Leader's Responsibilities

At least one basic training
As many of the quarterly Sunday AM Leaders’ Gatherings as possible
While we offer three 10-weeks session, it is out desire that, as a leader, you commit to at least one year (all three sessions).

Attend a weekly service at church or online
Review the Leader Notes emailed to you, as well as the Thinking It Through questions in the sermon outline.

Organize and facilitate your group’s discussion
Shepherd your group members (Pray for, care for and encourage your group members’ walks with God)
Rally your group to serve together/individually in the community, church and/or world

Identify giftedness, passion and/or abilities in your group members and create opportunities for them to serve (Prayer & Praise Recorder, Social Chair, Service Coordinator, Group Communications, Group Needs Coordinator, etc.)
Identify a potential co-facilitator and begin giving that person(s) opportunities to serve (Always keep the pastor of small groups informed)

Actively help enfold guests into your group (as stated above under multiply, allow other group members serve in this way)
Communicate relevant information to your group in a timely fashion or be sure your group’s communications person does so
Keep in touch with the Pastor of Groups at least on a quarterly basis and more regular if necessary

To finish this session and before moving on to Session Three, please click on this Reading Response, followed by clicking the submit button, which will provide Pastor Jim with your responses.

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