Event Details

This is a community event designed to bring together the student ministries at North Coast Calvary Chapel for one epic night! We will be hosting a tournament around the video game of super smash bro’s ultimate on the Nintendo Switch! There will be four different tournaments taking place during the evening, a 4th-6th, 7th-8th, high school and OPEN tournaments. A winner will be crowned for each group with prizes for top competitors, you can participate in both your age group as well as the OPEN tournament. There will also be food available for purchase during the event. Tournaments will be hosted at different times during the day to ensure so make sure you check the time for your tournament start time! Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and Nuggets will be available for purchase throughout the entire event as well as other snacks and beverages! 

We need TV’s and Switch consoles! We will waive your registration fee. Click Here if you would like to help! Please note, devices must be dropped off no later than 1:00PM on December 27th.



This is a 1v1 double elimination Tournament. Players will have three stock each with a 7 minute clock. There will be no items and no final smash. Matches will be played best two of three. Winners bracket will have to be defeated twice by the loser bracket finalist.


Student Tournament’s stage selection will be randomly selected between the following stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Town and City.

Open Tournament will have strike stage rules. Stations will be equipped with a paper displaying 5 Starter stages, striking a stage will disqualify that stage from play. Striking a stage will consist of covering the stage with a sticky note. Players will play rock, paper, scissors to determine which player strikes first. Loser of each match will select from the counter pick and starter stage selection. Starter stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Town and City. Counter Pick stages: Castle siege, Kalos Pokemon, Town and City, Unova Pokemon League, Wario Ware, Yoshi’s Island (Brawl), Yoshi’s Story. Gentlemens Rule: If both competitors decide on a stage together, they may play that stage. 


Players are required to bring their own controller. Gamecube adapters will be provided at all stations.


All characters including DLC characters will be available to play. 

Brackets and Stations:

Each player must pay attention to the bracket listing hosted by Challonge. Screens will display current bracket listings, as well as accessibility via smart phone devices. As soon as players are assigned to their station, they are to report there and immediately connect controller to station switch console. Once both controllers are connected, players may start the match. If there is an external problem during match play, players may restart the match, but are not allowed to change characters. Only under external circumstances may the match be restarted, player error is not sufficient to restart match.


Top three competitors in each tournament will receive a medal. The first place competitor will receive a trophy as well as a VISA gift card for the amount of 50% of registration fee’s collected for that tournament.


6th Graders and Under

This tournament is for the ages in 6th Grade or younger. $10 Registration.

7th and 8th Graders

Registration is $10, half of the registration cost goes towards grand prize!

High School

Our High School Tournament is $10 to register, half the registration fee goes towards the prize!


This is our highest level of competitive play! The cost is $20, half of the registration fee will go towards the grand prize!

6th Grade Under Bracket

7th and 8th Grade Bracket

High School Bracket

Open Bracket