Surge Winter Camp




Where is camp?
This year we are going to Indian Hills Camp in Jamul. Jamul is east of San Diego off the 94, about an hour from the church. Indian Hills is perfect for this age group. It’s like a giant playground. But it’s important to note, this will not be a snow camp.
Why aren’t you going to the mountains?
To put it simply, cost. Rental fees at camps and bus costs have gone up, and we were looking for a spot that was close enough that we could use school buses. Even in years when we’ve gone up to the mountains, getting snow is hit or miss.
What will we be doing at camp?
Camp is a mix of large group sessions (music & a speaker), all-camp games & challenges, small group cabin times, meals together, and activity time. Activities on Saturday include the BMX bike track (they have bikes), paintball, zipline, archery, a giant playground, farmyard with animals, crafts, hikes.
How are the campers housed?
Cabins sleep 12, so our plan is to have no more than 8 kids with 1 counselor, or if the cabin is full, 10 kids and 2 counselors. Each cabin is heated. Bathrooms are in a separate building nearby, with individual shower stalls.
Can kids request roommates?
Yes. We want your child to be with familiar faces, but also to make new friends if they don’t really know anyone. Camp is a great place to make that happen! We have a good track record of being able to accommodate roommate requests, and we will let you know if for some reason we can’t place your child with the person they request.
Who are the counselors?
Most of the counselors will be staff and current volunteers from our Surge program at North Coast Calvary Chapel. We will also be bringing a camp nurse to handle medication and tend to any first aid needs. All leaders undergo LiveScan fingerprinting. If you’d like to volunteer as a counselor, please e-mail While we give priority to our weekend volunteers who are currently serving, we do sometimes have a need for extra help.
Is NCCC going to be the only group at the camp?
No. We are renting the facility, and doing our own program, but we do not have exclusive use. We will have our own cabin area, and our meetings will be only our kids, but we may mix with other groups during the afternoon activity time on Saturday.
How do we sign up for activities?
Some of the activities at camp carry an extra charge. We didn’t want to build the cost of all of these into the registration price (some kids, for instance, may not want to play paintball), so when you register, you will select the additional rec options that you want. There is a chance to sign up later, up to one week prior to camp, if you’re not sure when you first register.
Is my child ready for camp?
In most cases, yes! Since there will be other familiar faces (kids and leaders) from NCCC there, the only thing new and unfamiliar will be the surroundings. Generally kids are so busy at winter camp and the stay is so short that homesickness is not a major problem. (If it will be their first time sleeping away from home, the Surge sleepover on November 11 is a great “test the waters” experience!)