Equiping the body for God's service


Our Training for 2016 is complete, but here is what to look for in 2017

From our neighborhoods to around the world, At NCCC we are an open campus for training in all areas of Mission. We invite you to join us for classes that equip us to work together on Citywide Initiatives, come alongside our Local Partners and to serve our Global Partners abroad. If you have any questions or suggestions or resources you would like to offer, please contact Lisa King.

BLAH-BLAH-BLAH: Telling a Story with your Lens

A picture is worth a thousand words! Learn the power of visual storytelling through photographs and video footage. Talented professionals teach you to communicate God’s story through shooting basics to planning interesting shots with a specific purpose in mind. We will have a hands-on session, so bring your camera. Useful for: – Sharing about Missions Trips – Promoting Ministry Activities – Communicating through Social Media – Telling Faith Stories – Showcasing Church Partners Open to all who want to learn to shoot more effectively.


A free First Aid & CPR Class (with optional Certification available for $30). In addition there will be training on using an AED (automated external defibrillator) device, which is the only effective treatment for restoring a regular heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest, and is an easy to operate tool for someone with no medical background.


This is a vital training for all Short Term Passport Trip participants as well as those of you who are interested in reaching out locally to share your lives and the gospel. This day will include how to live out the gospel –including through sports (playing, coaching, KidsGames here and on trips, children’s ministry, etc) You will learn ‘Back Pocket Games’ you can have ready for any situation and how to Share the Gospel through your story. Come and get equipped. Facilitated by Debbie Walton, Wendy Hinman and the Sports Ministry Team.


This half-day Faith & Culture workshop is built around the “Three Colors of Worldview” perspective. It’s a powerful, yet simple tool that helps you to better understand people from another culture and interact and share more effectively and winsomely. A must for all people traveling abroad, especially on our Short Term Passport Trips. Also important for those of us ministering in our neighborhoods among friends and neighbors of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


Whether you’re involved with a social cause or headed on a mission, enhancing your digital communication, can help your loved ones and acquaintances stay in touch when you are far away and get behind your cause. Join us as professional Social Media Coach, Laura Rubinstein, leads us in how to maximize the various social platforms to get your story heard. All are welcome to this free class. (You should have accounts on the platforms you are that you are interested in using before class begins.)