Due to the high volume of people attending our shows, we need help having people wait in line and entering and exiting the rooms. That’s where you come in!

Please arrive upstairs in Building B and look for the person wearing an orange STAFF T-shirt to give you instructions. They will probably be near the landing at the top of the stairs near room B203.

This year we have 3 shows:

Wild Animal Show (Room B203)

Bubble Mania Show (Room B201)

Juggler Show (Chapel)

Show times are the same for all shows:

4:45                6:45

5:15                7:15

5:45                7:45

Things to know:

Ask the performer if they need anything (water, food, microphone, lighting issues)

Get facilities to adjust the air conditioner if needed (panels are locked so facilities needs to do it)

Smile and be kind to all people.

If the room is full, please post the sign on the door and close the door. (They can wait for the next show)

Politely remind people to be quiet during the show so others can hear.


NOTE: We also have “Angry Birds” games going on throughout the evening in room B202. People will be coming and going all night in and out of that room (there are no “show times” as it is just a continual activity). Please note that people who are going in and out of the “Angry Birds” room should be encouraged to use the stairs near the playground since they are wider. There will be signs, but please help people know which stairs to use for Angry Birds.

Procedures for Animal Show:

Show is in Room B203 (upstairs)

People should line up at the bottom of the stairs near the food court.

Guests finishing the show should exit down those same stairs before the next group can go up.

Procedures for Bubble Mania Show:

Show is in Room B201 (upstairs)

People should line up at the top of the stairs near the playground. There is an area at the top of the stairs for them to stand

Guests finishing the show should exit down the set of stairs leading from B201 to the back of the building near the playground. That way other guests can start coming up the front stairs at the same time.

Procedures for the Juggler Show:

Show is in the Chapel

People should line up in the marked area outside the Chapel.

Guests finishing the show should exit out the double doors of The Story Caffe before the people in line can enter through the double doors of the Chapel.


If you are the last shift, please, please help us clean up!

  • Gather all signs, supplies, candy buckets, stakes in the grass, and anything else you can find to the bottom of the exterior stairway of the Family Center that leads to the NCCC offices. That is our staging area for clean up.