CORE Ministry Community Recreational Groups are coming together for recreation, fitness, & play – so that we may grow in our relationship with God and with each other. Join one of our recreational groups for fun, friendship, and community and invite a friend! 

ON CAMPUS GROUPS (new dates!)

Beginners Pickleball (Mondays, March 7 – April 11, 6:00-7:00 PM class, 7:00-8:00 PM play) 
Co-Ed Indoor Soccer
(Wednesdays, March 9 – April 13, 6:00-8:00 PM, Auditorium)
Intermediate and Advanced Pickleball
(Thursdays, March 10 – April 14, Two Sessions: 6:00 – 7:00 PM and 7:00 – 8 PM,  Auditorium)


Switchbacks Co-Ed Hiking Group:  The hikes are usually San Diego County hikes with a few forays into the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains. Notifications are sent out one to two weeks ahead of time.

We also have a women’s backpacking retreat in August 2022, in the backcountry of Tahoe.

If you are interested and not already on the Switchbacks email list, email us at 

Women’s Fitness (Day/Time TBD)
(Sundays/ongoing, 7:00 AM, Meet @ The Story Caffe)


Please bring a completed 2022 medical form with you.  If you don’t have a printer come a few minutes early to fill one out. 

 Adult  Form  |  Minor Form



This is the Topography of Discipleship; it’s a training in how to use the compass of the Word, the map of the Holy Spirit and the headlamp of prayer and worship to be a disciple. If you’ve already been on this hike for a while, it’s also a training in how to make disciples.  We are not meant to walk alone; we hope you’ll join us as we explore the challenging terrain of being a disciple in 2021.

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Sports force us to be present in each moment. It turns baseball players into poets and surfers into scientists. CORE is bringing our Grit events online in monthly video and audio podcasts to explore how to integrate faith and sport. We will interview athletes and coaches on why sport is so primal to the development of personality, strength of soul and joy in being.

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For 20 years, NCCC has been using sport and play to spread the gospel and train disciples. It has been said that you can use sports to build character, but it always reveals character. Using sport and play, whether it’s training or proclaiming, Core Ministries (formerly Whole Life Sports) uses experiential learning to bring the universal truths of the Bible into our right now life.  

We began in 2002 with KidsGames. The sport and plays element transformed our 250 kid VBS into an 1800 kid (in 2021) phenomena. It brought in more men and youth as volunteers and almost half of our participants from the community.  

KidsGames was a catalyst. As it grew, so did we as trainers and experiential learning facilitators. The Bridge Conference was birthed and trained sports ministers, locally and internationally, in proclaiming the gospel through sports, building effective teams, handling the Bible, spiritual leadership and making disciples among other modules.  

These modules became stand-alone trainings for coaches, athletes, and parents of athletes (also high school choirs, Rotary youth and adult leadership and churches and youth pastors and more). Core Ministries has taken these trainings on the road to churches and para-church ministries across the US and around the world.   

Come play with us!


Core Ministries are a team of teams who use recreational sport, fitness and play as a vehicle for growing as disciples and making disciples of Christ. Bringing our faith into these areas equips people to become whole persons—spirit, soul and body as the Apostle Paul says–on the playing field of life. 


Debbie Samuels

Director, CORE Ministry & KidsGames