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Exploring Faith, Work & Culture

Transforming Our Culture

We live in a broken world and have an internal longing for love, acceptance, truth and justice. When Jesus came to the world he frustrated the religious while bringing hope to the rejected. As followers of Jesus we seek not to run away nor hide but rather to engage our culture for the purpose of the gospel. 

Bottom Line

Finding Purpose in Your Workplace
Your work is worship. So whether you build homes, design technology, sell medical products, or provide insurance you are making the world a better place.


Spring & Fall Meals and Discussions
Alpha is a non-judgmental space to explore life, faith and meaning together. Each gathering consists of a time to connect over a good meal and an open look at different elements of Christianity. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their own experiences, perspectives and beliefs in a relaxed environment. Nothing is off limits.

Gospel Conversations

3-Part Equipping Workshop
3 part workshop that breaks the gospel down into easy-to-use parts. It teaches us how to have simple conversations to proclaim the gospel, share our testimony and make disciples.


Various Events, Gatherings, Shows

Arts Ministry exists to inspire creativity, gather together to glorify Christ. Artist of all genres, mediums and disciplines are welcome!

Mars Hill | Apologetics

Various Seminars, Events, Gatherings

Mars Hill  and apologetics exists to equip and encourage through seminars, lectures and small group discussions providing tools to help you develop a Biblical world-view to “live out Christ in culture.”