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8:45 AM | 10:45 AM | 6 PM

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Current Series

Live Sundays at 8:45 am, 10:45 am, 6 pm

Pursuing Jesus Together

We are a faith community in Carlsbad, California seeking renewal in every generation.

Devotion to Community

Christ-centered relationships that model servant leadership and Christian unity.

Commitment to Transformation

North Coast Calvary Chapel Church Carlsbad California
Holistic transformation through Jesus, moving from brokenness to wholeness in every area of life.

Compassion for All People

Ways to get involved serving on campus, in the community and abroad.

Calendar & Events

Check out the campus calendar or highlighted events here.

The Story Caffe

Join us for before or after church or visit our on-campus cafe Sundays through Fridays which serves as a town square for friends and ministries to meet and gather.

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