We are excited that you have a desire to follow the Lord’s example in baptism (Baptism Info Sheet)


Sunday, April 12 (Approx. 8:15am) at Ponto Beach immediately following our Easter Sunrise Service (7am).


If any one of the following Orientation Classes fits your schedule better, you are welcome to attend. However, these classes are designed  for specific life-stages. Here are the three Orientation Classes available for you/your child: 

Sunday, April 5

Adults (18 & older): 10:45am, Room C-205B. 

Youth (Grades 7-12): 12:30pm, Room C-104.

Children (Up to 6th Grade): 12:30pm, Room B-201.





Jim Doyle

Pastor over Small Groups + Connections

760-579-4138 //

Note: While there can be exceptions, we typically baptize children (7 years of age and older) through adults. However, we also offer child dedications. Please scroll down to Child Dedications on our Children’s Ministry web page.