We are excited that you have a desire to follow the Lord’s example in baptism. Before you continue, we request that you read over our Baptism Info Sheet and become familiar with its content. Just click on the All About Baptism button. Thank you!

About Baptism

Our next water Baptism will be on Sunday, April 9 right after the Easter Sunrise Service at Ponto Beach, approximately 8:15am. we have the following age-related Baptism orientation classes on Palm Sunday, April 2:

College age through senior adults @10:45am upstairs in our chapel building in room C-205B

7th – 12th Grades @12:15pm in the High School Room (C-104) – Parents are welcome to attend with their children

2nd – 6th Grades @12:15pm in the 4th-6th Grade Room (B-201) – Parents are welcome to attend with the children

Note: All classes are welcome anyone. But if you cannot make it to any class, please contact Pastor Jim Doyle 760-579-4101 or email Him.


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Pastor: Jim Doyle

Coordinator: Valerie Lynch