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Outdoor Adventure

Enjoying God in His Creation with Friends

Enjoying God in His creation with friends since August 2001

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Helpful Tips

Essentials 1-5:  

  • Protection from the sun, Illumination, Navigation, Hydration and Nutrition.
  • Insulation
  • Medication (first aid supplies), Incineration (Fire – Waterproof matches), Fabrication (Repair kit and tools), Protection (Emergency shelter).
  • Clothing layers with boots and socks
  • Other important things beyond the ten essentials to consider: hiking poles, supplies for Bio brakes (trowel, toilet paper, wipes and bags to carry off used paper), and a bandanna.
  • Backpack with all the gear plus 2 liters of water. It weighs out at 15 lbs. I used my regular backpacking pack as my daypack, gained a few lbs, because I don’t have a 30 liter pack anymore only the 54 liter one.

Medical Forms