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In Surge, we strive to create an environment that takes God seriously, all while having some serious fun! We believe that God is already at work in children’s lives, so we’ve provided a place where they can experience all He’s doing. Our desire as a ministry is to take the foundational “Sunday School” stories and supply a framework of kingdom principles that they can latch onto and live by. With your help, we wanna see transformed kids transforming our world.


  • Love God
  • Love Others
  • Honor your Leaders
  • Love the Church


  • Saturday 6:00 pm
  • Sunday 8:45 am
  • Sunday 10:45 am

3 Year Curriculum Snapshot for SurgE


The core of our 3 year study will identify who God is through 6 main attributes. We will put on a different lens every 4 weeks diving more deeply into each attribute of our study through biblical stories, games, and discussion of real life application to take what we learn about God and apply it in every day life.


God is Love

God is Truth

God is all Powerful

God is Personal

God is Sovereign

God is all Present


These perspectives teach us about God’s attributes and who we are in him. 

God’s Nature & Character

God’s Intention for Individuals, Peoples, & Creation

God’s Redemption: Sin and The Cross

God’s Family: His Children & His Church

God’s World: His Call & His Commission Doing the Work of Jesus

A Response to God

James Walton

James Walton

Director 4th-6th Grade

I grew up at North Coast Calvary Chapel and my mother Debbie Walton (The director of Sports Ministry) would bribe me to help out at Kids Games with a Caramel Macchiato. Since then, I ran off to the mission field with an organization called YWAM (Youth With a Mission). Through the years I was in YWAM, I developed a very real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I fell in love with serving Him and following Him around the world.

Jeannie McLellan

Jeannie McLellan

4th-6th Grade Administrator



Kristin McMaster

Kristin McMaster

4th-6th Coordinator

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Classes available for 4th-6th graders…

THE WAVE for 6th graders:

This is for 6th graders to learn, grow, connect, and understand what it means to walk with God. April 17 – May 22, 6:30-8pm in the Surge room. It’s free!

The Wave is hosting a 6th grade guys Nerf Battle Royale. Pizza, beverages, and light hearted elimination games. Bring your own nerf gun.

April 10 at 6:30 pm in the NCCC Family Center.