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Johan Horn

The African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation (ALICT) creates opportunities for emerging leaders to learn how to grow their dreams for their communities – dreams of reconciliation, health and new hope – into plans and strategies to facilitate sustainable transformation. True transformation of communities and society as a whole can only be done in the power of Christ. To this end leaders are discipled in a holistic approach to life, faith and leadership. ALICT works to create a unique community of Christian practitioners who will lead and influence in every sector of society.

As of 2013 ALICT has empowered nearly 300 leaders in 87 nations on every continent in the world. During the three-month intensive residential program, students are pushed in every aspect of life; as well as given skills in partnership, conflict mediation, strategic design and project-cycle management. Throughout this intensive communal experience, students are exposed to worldviews from around the globe on a daily basis. With facilitators from more than 12 different nations, students receive diverse perspectives in lecture, life, experiential learning, field training and practical experiences.