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Walk with Jesus Tour

2023 Tour to Israel Jordan & Lebanon

Please Note:

Registration for this trip is now full but we encourage you to join our Waiting List. In the event of any cancellations, we will fill open spots on the trip in order off the List.

Walk with Jesus: Israel, Lebanon & Jordan

October 3-17, 2023

A journey to Lebanon, Jordan, and the Holy Land! We want to invite you on an unforgettable journey filled with ancient biblical history, culture and spiritual blessings. Visit the places that witnessed the events of such decisive and enduring importance in the history of humanity.

This journey will provide you a deeper understanding of scriptures traveling through the lands of the Bible. Your journey will start in Lebanon where we visit Byblos and Sidon, just to name a few. You will then depart for Jordan and visit Petra, Madaba and get a view of Israel from Mt. Nebo just like Moses would have. Imagine visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World Petra! Next, you will get a closer look at the life of Jesus Christ and His mission of redemption as you travel through Israel.

Picture yourself sailing in a boat like the disciples on the Sea of Galilee (“And Jesus said to them, follow me and I will make you become fishers of men” Mark 1:17), floating in the Dead Sea, seeing our Lord Jesus’ birth place in Bethlehem, walking the streets of Jerusalem and having communion at the empty tomb where Jesus rose from the dead (“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay” Matthew 26:6).

When you make this journey in the company of friends and others of like mind, you can look forward to an unforgettable experience. At the end of this tour two things will most certainly be changed: you, and your understanding of the Bible. Join us on this life-changing tour.

Trip Details

DAY 1 – Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Today we will meet at Los Angeles International airport for our connecting flights to Istanbul via wide-body aircraft arriving the next day. Meals served on board.


DAY 2 – Wednesday, October 4, 2023
This afternoon we arrive in Istanbul and transfer to our flight to Lebanon. We will have an evening arrival in Beirut where we will be met and taken to our hotel for overnight.


DAY 3 – Thursday, October 5, 2023
Today we enjoy a visit to the beautiful coastal city of Byblos where we see the Crusader Castle, old souk, and St. Jean Marc Cathedral.  Continue on to the Cedars of Lebanon Forest and the Gibran Museum, a 19th century monastery transformed into a museum to honor Khalil Gibran, the famous poet and writer from Bcharre.  Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.


DAY 4 – Friday, October 6, 2023
This morning we check out of the hotel and board our bus for a tour to Sidon, the third largest city in Lebanon.  Sidon was an influential, wealthy Phoenician city when the kings of Israel and Judah ruled during the Iron Age and was the hometown of Jezebel. People came from Sidon to hear Jesus’s teaching, and later he travelled through the territory of Sidon (Mark 3:8; 7:31).  Return to Beirut where we board our flight to Jordan.  Upon arrival in Amman we will be met and taken to our hotel for dinner and overnight.


DAY 5 – Saturday, October 7, 2023
This morning we board our bus for a short drive to the recently discovered baptismal site of “Bethany beyond the Jordan” For us Christians, the most significant event associated with the River Jordan is undoubtedly the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. It is strongly suggested that this took place very close to Beit Abara, where Joshua, Elijah and Elisha crossed the river. In the New Testament times, it became known as Bethany, the village of John the Baptist. (This Bethany is not to be confused with the village of Bethany near Jerusalem, where the Bible says Lazarus was raised from the dead) “ The Bible clearly records that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (Matthew 3: 13-17), and that John the Baptist lived, preached and baptized in the village of Bethany, on “the other side of the Jordan” (John 1: 28). The baptism site, known in Arabic as al-Maghtas, is located at the head of a lush valley just east of the Jordan River. It is now protected and since 1999 it is accessible to visitors. After Jesus’ baptism at Bethany, he spent forty days in the wilderness west of the River Jordan, where he fasted and resisted the temptations of Satan (Mark 1: 13, Matthew 4: 1-11).”  Continue to Mt. Nebo, from where God showed Moses the Promised Land and then on to St George’s Church in Madaba  where we will see the 6th century mosaic floor showing a map of the Holy Land as Christian pilgrims knew it in that period.  Continue along the Exodus routealong the famed historical King’s Highway to Petra. Petra is one of the most scenic places in the world.  Check into our hotel for dinner and overnight.


DAY 6 – Sunday, October 8, 2023
This morning we visit Petra one of the Seven Wonders of the World, in the heart of the rose red Seir mountains as mentioned in the Biblical Book of Genesis. This mountain range houses the Aaron Peak, which is the highest locality in Petra and the burial place of Aaron brother of Moses. A walk down through the narrow ‘Siq’ passage, being the main entrance to Petra, along 1250 meters brings you to the first monument Treasure “the same as the one seen in the Indiana Jones’ movie”. A walk further down through the outer ‘Siq’ encompassed by tombs and burial chambers brings you to one of the largest theaters in Jordan. This theater is carved into the sand stone mountains of Petra at the bottom of the High place of Sacrifice Mountain. Apparently some sacrificial rituals used to take place here. Now, it is time to walk up hill to the Royal Tombs. You will have a great view of the lower part of Petra with all its Roman remains. These tombs are: The Urn- Corinthian- Silk- and Palace tombs. We retrace our steps to the entrance and board our bus traveling to our hotel in Aqaba for dinner and overnight.


DAY 7 – Monday, October 9, 2023
Today we leave Jordan behind, crossing the border into Israel.  Continue north where we view Solomon’s Quarries and then on to Beersheba, ancient city of Judah.  Beersheba, a watering hole and trading post for thousands of years, is the center of desert traffic, being located on the edge of the vast Negev Desert. Here we catch a glimpse of Bedouin life. Continue on to Jerusalem.  Our lodging for the next four nights will be in Jerusalem.


DAY 8 – Tuesday, October 10, 2023
Conditions permitting, we will visit the Temple Mount, with commentary on the Temple Periods, and the variety of belief systems past and present that make this area so valuable. Next we will visit the Wailing Wall and then the fascinating Rabbinical Tunnels leading us through the Second Temple era. The tunnel and exhibit give a clear understanding of the amazing construction of the Temple Mount, giant stones, water supply and Roman Street where our Lord was led to judgment. Before exiting the tunnel, we see the immense cornerstone rejected by the builders.  We visit the Southern Wall Excavations. This southern side of The Temple was the main entrance for the common folk, whereas the Priests and Levites had their own entrance from the higher eastern side. Parts of the giant stairs, which led to the Temple Mount from the courtyard have been unearthed along with the purification pools. From here Jesus entered the Temple Mount and drove out the vendors and money exchangers who were exploiting the people. It is also likely that this is the place that Peter stood and preached and where thousands were saved and baptized on the Day of Pentecost. Those who wish may stay in the city marketplace for shopping, while others may choose to spend the remainder of the day surrounding the birth of Christ as we visit Bethlehem.


DAY 9 – Wednesday, October 11, 2023
Our day begins with a cable car ride to the mountain top fortress of Masada. Here our guide will treat us to the history of the famous zealot stand. Afterwards we proceed to Ein Gedi, “Spring of the Goat,” an oasis on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Because of its warm climate and abundant supply of water, the site developed a reputation for its fragrant plants and date palm groves. This is where King David hid from Saul, and where God defeated the enemies of the Israelites by praise and worship led by King Jehoshaphat. Next we visit Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. This afternoon we will take part in the Genesis Land/Dinner in Abraham’s Tent, where we enjoy a trip back in time: a reliving of life in the time of the Patriarchs, complete with costume, dramatic presentation, and authentic food.


DAY 10 – Thursday, October 12, 2023
This morning we visit the House of Caiaphas where Jesus was beaten and spit upon. See a pit where he may have been held for the evening and the ancient hillside steps he walked as he was taken to be condemned. An interesting and educational time awaits us today at the Israeli Museum. Walk through collections of century’s old Israeli artifacts including the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then a guided walk through an accurately detailed model of Biblical Jerusalem. This model will help put into perspective all that you have seen over the previous days touring.  We conclude the day with a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum, for a needed reminder of what the Jews have suffered as a people. This evening we enjoy a special lecture by a local believer prior to dinner, giving us a perspective of Messianic life in Israel.


DAY 11 – Friday, October 13, 2023
Today we walk where Jesus walked, beginning the day with a panoramic view of the city, Mount Moriah and the Dome of the Rock from atop the Mount of Olives and then the Garden of Gethsemane. How many have wished to be whisked back in time to get a glimpse of our Lord or hear His voice if only for a moment? To walk between the ancient olive trees, read the scriptures of Jesus’ prayer and take time for personal reflection is important here. Passing by the Protestant Cemetery, we visit the “Upper Room” just outside the Zion Gate where the disciple whom Jesus loved laid his head on His breast and where later Thomas cried, “my Lord & my God.” We move on to the Judgment Hall of Pilate, hear of those who conspired against Him and are reminded of His brutal beating and humiliation. From here we will also be able to see the Pool of Bethesda, Stephen’s Gate and St. Ann’s Church. While walking along the Via Dolorosa, we are reminded of His way of suffering along with a visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Our guide will explain the differing opinions on the route that Christ was led and the actual place of crucifixion and burial is a very interesting study. The climax of the day is the area of Golgotha (place of the skull) and the Garden Tomb, where we celebrate the resurrection with communion and a time of praise.


DAY 12 – Saturday, October 14, 2023
This morning we leave the Holy City and through the Judean wilderness to the Jordan River Road. Continue to Bet Shean, where King Saul and his sons were pinned to the walls. It became the Decapolis Capital and was traveled by Jesus and known as Scythopolis. See the ancient theater, Circus Maximus and Cardo Maximo. Travel to the Crusader fortress of Belvoir.

This afternoon we arrive at the Sea of Galilee. We continue to Capernaum and see first century ruins, then visit Tabgha and the Mount of Beatitudes. At sunset we take a relaxing boat ride on the Sea of Galilee where we will be able to look to the shore where so many miracles occurred. Check into our hotel for dinner and overnight.


DAY 13 – Sunday, October 15, 2023
This morning our drive takes us through the Hula Valley past Hazor, to the northern limits of Jesus’ travel as we cross the River Hatzbani to Dan.  Here we combine a nature walk beside the Upper Jordan with views of the ancient ruins, topped by the Israelite high place that supported a golden calf (I Kings 12). Then a short drive to Banias (Caesarea Philippi), dedicated to Pan the Greek god of pastures, flocks and shepherds; here Peter made his great profession of faith, recognition of Christ Jesus (Matthew 16). Driving along the foot of Mount Hermon, we ascend onto the Golan Plateau for a magnificent view of upper Israel. On our return we will stop at Chorazin and then on to Kursi, where Jesus healed two demon-possessed men, before returning to our hotel for dinner and overnight.


DAY 14 – Monday, October 16, 2023
We leave Tiberias for Tel Aviv, on the way we pass through Cana, where Jesus performed His first miracle. Continue to Nazareth, boyhood home of Jesus and then proceed across the Plain of Jezreel to Megiddo to visit the excavations of over 20 different civilizations. Visit Muhraka on Mount Carmel.

In the afternoon we visit Caesarea on the Mediterranean, the Roman aqueduct and port, Crusader’s Moat, and the famous Roman Theater.  Proceed to our hotel in Tel Aviv for check-in and dinner.

HOTEL: GORDON BEACH (formerly the Leonardo Art), Israel

DAY 15 – Tuesday, October 17, 2023
We transfer to the airport for our flight home with unforgettable memories to cherish always. Knowing we have walked in the footsteps of Jesus and the early Christians on such a memorable tour will bring new meaning to our Bible reading.


October 3, 2023
Turkish Airlines #180: Depart Los Angeles 1:55pm, Arrive Istanbul 12:55pm on October 4, 2023

October 4, 2023
Turkish Airlines #826: Depart Istanbul 6:40pm, Arrive Beirut 8:30pm

October 6, 2023
Royal Jordanian #404: Depart Beirut 8:15pm, Arrive Amman 9:25pm

October 17, 2023
Turkish Airlines #865: Depart Tel Aviv 8:25am, Arrive Istanbul 10:45am
Turkish Airlines #9: Depart Istanbul 1:15pm, Arrive Los Angeles 4:55pm

Tuesday, October 3, 2023                PLANE ‐ USA
Wednesday, October 4, 2023           BEIRUT MOEVENPICK HOTEL ‐ LEBANON
Thursday, October 5, 2023               BEIRUT MOEVENPICK HOTEL ‐ LEBANON
Friday, October 6, 2023                    INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL AMMAN ‐ Jordan
Saturday, October 7, 2023                PETRA MOON HOTEL ‐ Jordan
Sunday, October 8, 2023                  INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL AQABA ‐ Jordan
Monday, October 9, 2023                 DAN PANORAMA JERUSALEM ‐ Israel
Tuesday, October 10, 2023              DAN PANORAMA JERUSALEM ‐ Israel
Wednesday, October 11, 2023         DAN PANORAMA JERUSALEM ‐ Israel
Thursday, October 12, 2023             DAN PANORAMA JERUSALEM ‐ Israel
Friday, October 13, 2023                  DAN PANORAMA JERUSALEM ‐ Israel
Saturday, October 14, 2023              SOFIA TIBERIAS ‐ Israel
Sunday, October 15, 2023                SOFIA TIBERIAS ‐ Israel
Monday, October 16, 2023               GORDON BEACH ‐ Israel
Tuesday, October 17, 2023              PLANE ‐ USA

  • The estimated package price for this trip is $7,350.00 per person, double occupancy from San Diego.
  • Land Only package is available for $6,150*
  • Supplement for a single room – $1,550

Rates include:

  • Economy class airfare LAX to Beirut & Tel Aviv to LAX (Land Only excluded)
  • Airport taxes & airline fuel surcharges currently at $719
  • Economy class airfare from Beirut to Amman (included in Land Only package as well)
  • Gratuities to guide, driver, restaurant staff, porters, etc.
  • 13 overnights accommodations in first & deluxe class hotels based on twin occupancy with bath.
  • 13 buffet breakfasts
  • 13 dinners [12 at hotels – one (1) off-site]
  • Porterage in/out service at all hotels
  • Transfers and tour with private coach
  • Local professional tour escort for all 13 days

*If you choose the “land only” option the Amman Flight is still included in this package.  Anyone booking “land only” will be responsible for all costs incurred to get in sync with the group travel plans once overseas.


  • Package price does NOT include lunches, special drinks at meals, extras at hotels, extra tips, or any expense of a personal nature.
  • Airline prices are subject to change due to new airline fuel surcharges and/or tax increase that may be changed up to the non-refundable airline ticketing date.
  • Price is based on international tariffs and rates in effect on date of proposal and is subject to change should there be a revision in AIR or LAND rates prior to payment in full of the tour price.
  • Roommates: If you need a roommate, we are usually able to provide one. A single supplement fee may be applied if you are among the last to register and we cannot provide one for you, so please register early.

Payment Schedule:

  • An initial trip deposit of $500 per person is due upon registration (Travel insurance is optional but requires full payment at time of registration).
  • A second deposit of $2,500 per person is due by April 1, 2023 
  • A third payment of $2,500 per person is due by June 1, 2023
  • A fourth and final payment of $1,850 per person, or $650 for the Land Only Package, (plus $1,550 for single supplement, if applicable) is due by Aug 1, 2023.

Cancellations (Refunds & Penalties):
All cancellations must be in writing to Bob Mackenzie at NCCC.  The following cancellation fees apply regardless of reason including medical and family matters:

Before Apr 30, 2023              $200 Administrative Fee
May 1 – May 31, 2023           $500 Cancelation Fee
Jun 1 – Jun 30, 2023             25% of total package
July 1 – Aug 15, 2023            50% of total package
On or after Aug 15, 2023       No Refunds

By registering, passengers accept responsibility for being in good health and able to walk and travel on the tour. Many sites are not accessible to physically challenged and may limit the overall tour experience. Our tour partner, Maranatha Tours does not provide additional assistance to passengers with physical or mobility limitations as tour itineraries require full mobility. Please advise Maranatha Tours if you have any limitations that may impact your tour.

By modern motor coach including services of English-speaking guides and entrance fees to places included in the itinerary. Where available all groups will be provided with portable listening devices. Passengers are responsible for loss or damage of the device.

A valid passport is required for all passengers. and must be valid for 6 months after return date. There are no Visa requirements for travel to Lebanon, Jordan, or Israel.


Travel insurance is optional but highly recommended to protect yourself against any trip cancellation and loss of funds / penalty fees.  If you choose not to purchase travel insurance, you are assuming the risk responsibility to be completely yours for non-refundable fees paid per the cancellation section below and not hold NCCC responsible for any loss of funds.

Travel insurance is non-refundable with payment due in full at time of registration.

The following insurance option is available for purchase through our tour partner, Maranatha Tours:

Trip CancellationTour Cost+ Single SuppLand Only+Single Supp
Trip Basic–Trip Canc +    
Includes Pre-Ex Meds$403.00$491.00$343.00$436.00

Travel Insurance covers non-refundable expenses if the trip is canceled due to travel restrictions covered by the plan purchased.  If you are looking for a more extensive insurance package, such as cancellation coverage for any reason please visit your insurance provider for travel package options.

Trip Cancellation100% of Trip Cost
Trip Interruption100% of Trip Cost
Trip Delay$500 ($150/day)
Missed Connection$500
Baggage & Personal Effects$1,000
Baggage Delay$200
Emergency Medical & Dental Expense$15,000 ($500 dental sublimit)
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation$150,000
Travel Assistance & ConciergeIncluded
Primary / Secondary CoveragePrimary
Pre-existing Look Back Period60 Days
Pre-existing Condition Exclusion WaiverPurchase Plan within 15 days of initial payment
Maximum Trip Cost$10,000
Maximum Trip Length180 Days
UnderwriterBerkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company
A.M. Best RatingA++ from AM Best and AA+ from Standard & Poor’s
Free Look Period15 days


Dan Anderson (Trip Coordinator)
for questions about itinerary, travel arrangements, insurance options, etc.

Abby Wallace (Admin) or 760.929.0029 x112
for questions about online registration or online payments