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What?! I’m Not Finished Praying!

By Nora Wright

This August I will be 5 years cancer free! That alone is something to celebrate, but the journey to the end has been my celebration! When I found out I had endometrial cancer, if you know me, you know I’m a no-nonsense person and headed it right on! No freak out, just OK let’s get this done!

Little did I know the journey the Lord would take me on. I love how He loves us so much that He’s always and I mean always showing us new things about our selves and Him! When I had the hysterectomy, I came home ready to go on with life. Fortunately, I found out that I had stage 2 cancer and wouldn’t have to do Chemo, but would have 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week. Wait, what? I can’t go anywhere and have to stay in one place for 6 weeks. I had to drink 32oz of water one hour before I went in each day to keep my bladder full and out of the way of radiation. Don’t be late to your appointment or even think about peeing!

For the first radiation, I was sure I had this! When I got in, I realized I would be on an examination table by myself with a 12” door closed between me and the radiologist for 45 minutes. They closed the door and I laid there and started to freak out! I kept thinking “I can’t do this.” I wanted so badly to bolt from the table and run out the door! Then, I heard the Lord saying “Settle down, pray for your family.” and I settled a little. At that time there were 17 in our family circle, so I started with the youngest grandchild and moved up the line.

45 minutes went by fast, each day I started with the youngest grandchild and prayed all the way up the line! What I found out were two things. One, I wasn’t thinking of myself anymore, but praying for others. The other thing I realized was about two weeks in; I was looking forward to going to radiation and praying! One morning the nurse came in and said you’re all finished, and I said “What?! I’m not finished praying.” and was able to share with the nurses what I had been doing.

I felt the grace of God on my life and never have I felt closer to him than in that room, laying there praying! He had to get me flat on my back for me to look up and call out to Him. Even though I’ve walked with the Lord for over 50 years, I am always learning something of His grace upon my life. The verse that I kept coming back to was Lamentations 5:21 “Restore us to yourself, O Lord, that we may be restored.”

I am so grateful for these moments, when we can take something totally out of our control and bring it back to Him.

Nora Wright