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A Miracle Meeting

Anonymous Story

I believe I encountered an angel today at Washington National Airport. I had time to spare, and as I walked past a pop-up shop, a product caught my eye. A cream for the surgical scar Nicole will have. I dismissed it until the saleswoman engaged me. My usual response is to say no thanks, but something about her warm demeanor made me continue. She asked if the cream was for a surgical scar. Her discernment intrigued me. I told her it was for my daughter and touched my throat. She said, “Thyroid?” When I nodded with emotion she immediately turned the conversation to the healing power of God through the blood of Christ. I told her how I’m praying for my daughter to be healed from thyroid cancer (an 85% chance of malignancy according to medical tests) but Nicole is reluctant to pray for a miracle because she doesn’t want to be disappointed by God. She is praying for strength and wisdom instead. She reassured me, “God’s got her covered. You’re praying for a miracle. She’s praying for strength.”

The shopkeeper, Orisa (which reminds me of Nicole’s middle name Marisa), continued to speak about the power of God. She said, “God can move mountains.” These are the same words that have been coming to me these days in songs and in my prayers. She continued, quoting Luke 10:19, “As believers we have authority over all evil and cancer is from the evil one.” God’s declaration that we can trample over all power of evil is the main verse I carry with me when in DC.

She then showed me a photo on her cell phone of her brother’s car, in the weeds about 60 feet below a freeway overpass. She explained that when he crashed off the bridge, he cried out to Jesus to take control because he had lost ALL control. The only injury he received was ONE scratch! Now I’ve lost all control. My daughter is a continent away with a life-threatening illness. Her care is completely out of my hands. Control has been a big stumbling block, in my marriage and throughout my life. But our gracious God is using this crisis to help me relinquish my tight grip and trust him fully. So I took note of yet another spiritual “coincidence” in my conversation with Orisa. Giving up my illusion of control and trusting God with what is most dear to me. Let go and let God. I hugged her, and our embrace continued for at least half a minute as she prayed for Nicole. She gave me a paper towel for my tears, I expressed my profound thanks, and I continued on my way.

Above the clouds on my return flight, I clearly realized that all those spiritual coincidences had God’s fingerprints. Orisa had known everything that mattered. She knew there was a surgery, that it was the thyroid, and she touched on my main prayers and challenges since Nicole’s diagnosis. God not only hears every one of my cries, He knows them all by heart. God used His messenger to reassure me that I can trust Him completely with everything, even with my daughter’s life.

Post Script: One month later Orisa’s brother’s “ONE scratch” had stayed on my mind. I prayed and wondered whether this was a message from God that Nicole would only have one scratch – one surgical scar, not a second scratch or scar from the completion surgery required for a malignant tumor. Praise GOD! After the first (and final!) surgery, my Nicole’s tumor pathology came back BENIGN! Nicole and I are convinced that God performed a miracle of healing. Our God not only hears our prayers, He answers them (1 John 5:14-15)!

On my way back home from DC, I tracked down Orisa at her pop-up shop at the airport to tell her the astonishing news. She recognized me as I walked toward her and immediately asked, “How is Nicole?” She and her entire family had been praying for Nicole every day! Orisa confided in me that she asks God each morning how she can best serve Him as thousands of people pass by her every day at Washington National Airport. She is one of God’s angels.

Shared anonymously with names changed to protect my daughter’s private health information.

Nicole = People of Victory, Greek/French origin Orisa = Angelic Manifestation, Nigerian origin

A very special thank you to my WE Bible Study friends for their powerful prayers!