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A Restored Heart

By Sherri Monts

Sitting here alone, I am remembering the night I saw and met my guardian angel. Back in August 2021, I was told I was in severe heart failure – 15 percent of my heart function was all I had left. I was put on meds for 3 months. Three weeks before surgery, my heart stopped 3 times.I remember hearing, “Hey wake up, keep breathing, stay with me.”

But no one was there; I was alone.

A little bit later, the same thing but felt a pat on my leg.

Again, no one else there.

It occurred a third time, but this time he was standing at my feet – and that’s when I met my guardian angel.

The feeling of security was amazing. He stood there and said for me to not give up – that I was needed for a bigger purpose and that God was protecting me and not to be scared.

Six months later, my heart function was restored. I recovered in leaps and bounds, Fourteen months later, I can walk miles and heart is still doing good.

I asked my doctors if they believed in miracles – the answers were they do now and that they believe me when I said “God has bigger plans yet!”